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Scared You May Owe The IRS Money?

Written by admin on July 12, 2013. Posted in Do i owe the irs any money, Do i owe the irs money, How to settle with the irs on back taxes

Owe back tax

Ever found yourself typing how to check if you owe money to the irs into a search? You are not alone if that is what you may think. It is not an easy thing to figure out, and taxes may be enough to boggle your mind. The easiest form, the 1040EZ, has thirty three pages of instructions. Not exactly light reading.

A tax levy, under United States Federal law, is an administrative action by the Internal Revenue Service better known as the IRS. Under statutory authority and without going to court, that allows them to seize property to satisfy a tax liability. Back IRS taxes are paid in this way, and it can be a scary thing. Finding out if you owe them money is usually not something to put off.

Before 1776, the American Colonies were subject to taxation by the United Kingdom. Taxes have been around since then, thoug