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Materials and Equipment for Pottery and Ceramics

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Pottery wheels for sale

“All pottery is a kind of ceramics, but not all ceramics are a kind of pottery” is a very good way to sum up the difference between the two. According to the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), pottery is “all fired ceramic wares that contain clay when formed, except technical structural, and refractory products”. However, while their technical definition draws such a fine line between the two, many pottery tools, techniques, and equipment are also used in the construction of ceramic wares and vice versa. The pottery and ceramics supplies necessary to make these beautiful and useful pieces of artwork range from ceramic and Continue Reading | 6 Comments

Is Your Texas Home At Risk? Get Help to Prevent Foreclosure

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Mortgage foreclosure help

Texas foreclosure laws are unforgiving. Foreclosing your home requires just three steps and as little time as 41 days.

So what can you do if your home is at risk?

1. Understand the Process

Foreclosure help begins by knowing what to expect. So what can you expect when they foreclose your home?

According to state law, homeowners must be given a minimum of 20 days notice. During that 20 days, those in danger of foreclosure have the opportunity to pay and settle debts to avoid losing their homes.

The second step arrives in the form of another letter to the homeowner. This letter, sent a minimum of 21 days before the foreclosure will go into effect, must be approved by the county clerk and contains detailed information including the earliest possible date your home will go up for sale.

And the final