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The Online Marketing Revolution!

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Web design goes so much further than merely creating code for websites. Web design is a term that should have a broader definition than what we are normally given in a general sense. Web design should include web optimization.

More precisely, search engine optimization (SEO) should be included in services offered by web design companies. Your website is not all that should be designed. Your website placement on search engines should also be designed and accounted for.

SEO is a type of online marketing that increases the organic ranking of a website because it is devised to improve the overall quality and content visibility of a site.

Buying and Selling Homes in Jackson Hole, Wyoming Made Easy with Expert Regional Realtors

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Looking to move but find yourself in need of tips for selling your home? Or maybe you are looking to move but need advice on buying a home? Or, possibly, you need help with all of the above, which is perfectly common. If you are hoping to sell or buy a home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, there are plenty of realtors that can assist with both the home buying process as well providing tips for selling your home.

For those who are trying to sell their home, there are plenty of Jackson Hole, Wyoming real estate agents who can help make the process go as smoothly as possible. Preparing your home for sale can often be a difficult process as you try to find a balance between still living in the home but also make it appear i

Live With Nature, Not Against It

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It seems like as time goes on, civilization becomes less and less concerned with matters of the natural world.

What do you think is the reason for this? Is it technology, making us feel disconnected with the natural world? Was it the industrial revolution, boxing us in cities that makes us less concerned with greenery? The answer is probably a complex combination of many different factors, but that fact is, gardening as a past time is largely on the decline. I believe it crucial that we have more garden centers in our industrial areas.

In America, almost half (49%) of all homeowners have admitted to gardening in the past year. Typically, this American gardener is a 45 year old female with some college education. Come on, men! Step up to the plate and start Continue Reading | 6 Comments