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Lax Data and Network Security Can Ruin the Future of Your Company

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Network intrusion detection software

Did you know that, in the last six years, security breaches of U.S. government systems grew as much as 680%, and more than two thirds, or as many as 76% of institutions admit that their reputations and names have suffered from network security breaches? Security breaches are more common than ever, and they are ruining companies. You need to safeguard your company against them. How?

Network IPS and Cyber Security Solutions

A stressful day at work can get the better of us. A 2008 San Francisco city administrator had the worst of days, and ended up resetting important switch and router passwords. The administrator refused to give out the passwords, and officials were unable to sign into a critical city network. This can happen to anyone, especially if you do not take steps

Business Expenses and Management can be Tricky, and Software can Make that Much Easier

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Project cost control software

Procurement management software, like any other management software, is going to help you to organize your business expenses. Whether you own your own business, or you are in charge of managing the finances for projects in your business, there are many different kinds of software to help you out. From project management applications that you can use on the go to detailed engineering project management software, it can really help keep you organized.

Here are some interesting facts you might want to know about the software and why it could be beneficial to your business.