• Busting Common Fixer-Upper Myths

    fixer upper tips and tricks

    Fixer-uppers are typically priced lower than updated homes, but that does not mean they are automatically better buys. There are several common fixer upper tips and tricks behind the myths that you need to know. Many homeowners view their home improvement projects as an investment, but what can go wrong when you try to flip more

  • What You Should Know Before You Buy an Engagement Ring

    Are you getting ready to propose to your girlfriend? Most people don’t have much knowledge about engagement rings before they figure out they are ready to propose. Luckily, the internet has more information than you could ever read about choosing an engagement ring that will suit your girlfriend perfectly. The video below is a great more

  • How to Use Vinyl Polymers on Clay Earrings

    Creating custom earrings is a great way to express your individuality through the accessories you wear. One of the most popular materials used to create earrings is polymer clay. This moldable material is great for making 3D shapes that are small and light enough to wear as earrings. But clay is somewhat limited. It can more