• Why Should You Use Stainless Steel?

    Stainless steel is all around us. From stainless steel products in your kitchen to the foundation of the building you’re sitting in, odds are that there’s something made of stainless steel nearby. But why is stainless steel used so frequently? Let’s take a look ad a few key reasons to use stainless steel. Video Source more

  • Funeral Home Jobs That Dont Require Extensive Training

    The funeral home industry makes about $16 billion a year. Unless a cure for death is discovered, this is one industry that will survive any recession. It also has many different kinds of jobs that do not require specific degrees or certifications. South Carolina funeral director Joel Simone Anthony describes these jobs. The first job more

  • Why You Need an Isolation Transformer

    Isolation transformers help move power along safely in innovative ways. They are often used in the healthcare industry, partly because they transfer electricity quietly, but mostly because they transfer large amounts of energy safely. Grants Pass TV Repair looks at how a medical grade isolation transformer can help save lives. A medical grade isolation transformer more