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Benefits of Filtered Water Coolers

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Bottle free water coolers

Did you know that almost half of all bottled water in 2009 came directly from municipal tap water? Drinking bottled water is almost just as much of a gamble as it is to drinking tap water in the city. We have all seen water bottle companies making their rounds to deliver water to businesses and homes, and it can be a big hassle to change those heavy and bulky water bottles on the cooler. There is a more intelligent solution for accessing purified drinking water. Filtered water coolers that do not require a bottle are actually safer than bottled water. In fact, bottleless water coolers prevent against bacteria more than bottled systems do.

While changing a bottle on a bottled water cooler system, the introduction of bacteria is possible. Filtered water coolers are a closed system that does not require you to change bottles. Therefore, you can reduce the chances of experience an illness from bacteria if you use the proper filtered water coolers. In addition to reducing the possibility of bacteria in your drinking water, a bottleless water dispenser will actually save you money. In fact, you can save up to 80 percent by switching from a bottled water system to bottleless filtered water coolers. Filtered water coolers are safer and more cost effective than traditional bottled water systems.

Tufts University recently did a study that discovered how bottled water coolers around campus contained up to four times the amount of bacteria allowed by the government. We did not always have access to sophisticated filtered water coolers, like we do today. There was a time when people used large blocks of ice to cool bottled water systems. Point of use water cooler systems do not require a company to routinely deliver new bottles of water to your office. Bottleless water cooler systems contain a sophisticated filtration system to prevent the possibility of contamination.

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A Few Facts About Iraqi Dinar For Sales

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Iraqi dinar revalue

Did you know that the dinar was introduced into circulation in the year 1932? It has come to be considered as an “exotic” form of currency, as the history of Iraq itself has seen its own ups and downs in the years that follow. While not a traditional currency for investment, dinar for sale can be an interesting alternative to other forms of foreign currency investment. Iraq has few exports beyond oil, which is sold in USD. There is little demand for dinar for sale and they are considered “exotic” accordingly. Buying Iraqi dinar may not be a path that you have heard much about, but it may not hurt to do some research into the currency itself and the history behind it to get a more educated view on the subject.

After the Gulf War in 1991, Iraq used a currency which was printed both locally and in China. It used poor grade wood pulp for paper, as opposed to cotton or linen, and an inferior quality of lithography. It is rumored that some bills were even printed on presses that were designed for newspaper production. That has meant a lot for the dinar trade, as it is seen as a less reliable investment than other forms of currency. It also means that dinar for sale present an opportunity for those who are interested in the risks and rewards that it brings. Iraqi dinar revalue reports could help you to decide whether or not investing in Iraqi dinars may be something that will fit within your investment strategies. The Iraqi dinar is an intriguing option, and dinar for sale may offer some attractive pricing accordingly.

Did you know that Iraq has the nickname of being “the cradle of civilization?” It acquired this name because of its proximity to important historic events, both social and natural, and its continued place of importance in the world. The Iraqi dinar exchange rate can influence whether or not you purchase dinar for sale from a qualified source, but remember that there are Iraqi citizens all around the world. Michigan, California, and Illinois have the highest concentration of Iraqi born citizens, for example. The dinar for sale that you are considering buying may help to facilitate business with those populations, beyond its value as an investment. Consider all of your options carefully, and discuss them with a broker of your own.
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