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Read This Before Hiring Pageant Coaches

Written by admin on June 6, 2013. Posted in Pageant coaches, Pageant interview coach

Pageant coaching

The beauty pageant has always been a staple beauty competition the world over. It gives people a sense of pride that in order to compete in such pageants, that they must not only be beautiful, but in the past, talented and intelligent. In recent years, the rise of reality television has seen an increase in those seeking to compete in beauty pageants. The contestants of which greatly benefit from the expertise of pageant coaches, that can prepare them for the competition itself as well as the pageant interview.

Pageant coaching has become a profitable business venture for those who are familiar with what it takes to compete and win a beauty pageant. Often times the pageant coaches that offer their services are former pageant winners and competitors themselves. They are familiar with all aspects of the beauty pageant and can successfully guide a contestant through the pageant interview questions. Chances are these former winners of beauty contests, also called beauty queens are the pageant coach that you are seeking to help you or your child through the circus that is a modern beauty pageant.

The most popularly covered beauty pageant is the children’s beauty pageant. The very first children’s beauty pageant was called the ‘Little Miss America Pageant’ it was held in New Jersey in 1961. Since then, beauty pageants have become a multicultural phenomenon that is sometimes specific to a particular ethnicity. The Miss Chinese International Pageant, Miss Black America and Miss Indian America pageants have all gained in popularity.

Some of beauty pageants also reward the winners with something more than the claim that they are the most beautiful of the contest, some award college scholarships to the winners and even at times, the runners up, encouraging the participants to realize that beauty is far more than skin deep.

Pageant coaches are just as important to the beauty contest as the contestants themselves. With most pageants hosting categories that include hair and makeup, gowns, swimsuit modeling and personal interviews, it’s important to be prepared for all aspects of the competition. Not all pageant coaches are prepared to be the pageant interview coach as well, so it is important to be sure that when you look into hiring pageant coaches, they can coach you or your child in all aspects of the pageant.
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