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Do You Need Dental Implant Surgery?

Written by admin on July 4, 2013. Posted in Dental implants new jersey, Staten island dental, Veneers new jersey

Old bridge dental

Did you know that the first toothbrush with nylon bristles and a plastic handle was invented in 1938, just one year prior to the first electric toothbrush? It is true! Toothbrushes actually go back to the year 3500 BC. At that time, Babylonians utilized chewing sticks which were twigs from aromatic trees. They would chew on one end of the stick until it became ragged. This action would clean their teeth. However, it was not until 1780 that toothbrushes were mass produced. These toothbrushes were designed by an English prisoner. He drilled tiny holes into cattle bone, then tied boar bristles in bunches, and passed the bunches through the holes followed by gluing them in place.

Even if you know everything about toothbrushes and brush twice every day, it is still necessary to find a dentist and get your m