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Want More Blog Followers? Stay Focused, and Take Advantage of One of Corporate America’s Best Tricks

Written by admin on September 9, 2013. Posted in Blogger info, Blogger news, Great blogs

Did you know that the iconic blog I Can Has Cheezburger, with its silly cat pictures and grammatically incorrect captions, gets 16.5 million separate viewers per month? With the right strategies and execution, blogs can go viral. Great blogs pack of lot of potential, and a good deal of bloggers are using them to bring in extra cash. What are these tried and true strategies?

Picking a Focus, and Running With It

In 2012, approximately 31 million Americans fancied themselves “bloggers.” Standing out among 31 million can be a challenge, and the only hope bloggers have is to make waves is to narrow it down a bit. Blogging news and figures are pretty clear. Only 9% of American bloggers, as of 2012, replaced their nine to five with four to six hours of daily blogging, and you better believe those 9% chose their blog topics carefully. The Daily Egg touts ListVerse as one of the most unique, and successful, blogs of 2011. The blog owes its innovatio