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Fast Facts About Douglas E Fleit and Commercial Property

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Douglas e. fleit

When you talk real estate, you have to talk Douglas Fleit. The man who heads the American Real Estate Partners investment company knows how to spot a good investment in property. But for you, as a beginner, it might take some time. Here are four quick facts to consider when looking to get into commercial real estate investment.

1. Commercial vs. personal property

You might think that anything you own or have paid money for is your property and, technically, you are right. Legally speaking, however, there are some distinctions between what is considered personal property and commercial. Commercial property is land or buildings intended to generate a profit (either through capital gain or by charging rent). Personal property could be your cars, your clothes, your furniture and everything that is not land or p

Businesses That are Looking to Boost Their Web Presence Can Hire Online Marketing Companies that Resell Social Media and Have SEO Programs

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Reselling seo

The business world of today is a fierce market of competition. With so many businesses established, there is a struggle to succeed and sometimes, to even survive. This abundance of businesses may be seen as an advantage to consumers, who now have as many options as ever find the products or services that they desire. Businesses, however, may be at a disadvantage as they try to stand out among the rest. In recent years, Internet marketing has been an effective means of enabling businesses to gain exposure. For assistance with boosting their overall web presence, businesses can seek the services of online marketing companies that resell social media and offer SEO reseller programs.

Search engines are