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Save Time and Money With a Portable Scanner

Written by admin on December 2, 2013. Posted in Business card scanner software, Digital filing system, Scan to cloud

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Portable scanners have literally changed the way millions of people do business everyday. With the aid of a portable scanner, business travelers can manage receipts, business cards, and any other documents or papers they need to digitize, store and share. Many of today’s mobile laptop scanners include advanced features traditionally found on desktop document scanners, such as duplexing and have an automatic document feeder.

There are laptop scanners with docks, and while they are still primarily desktop document scanners, they can be removed from their docks to function as portable scanners as well. While desk scanners are bulky and take up needed office space, portable scanners, which include features such as business card scanners and business card readers, are more compact and offer users high speed, automati

Historical Steel Carports

Written by admin on December 2, 2013. Posted in Custom metal buildings, Garage building kits, Steel carports

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Have you ever thought about building a carport? Carports are covered metal garages that are used to protect automobiles from bad weather. Carports were initially created by Prairie School architects in the year 1909. They are a good example of commercial metal building in action. Carports were called auto spaces at first, in response to the suggestion of an architectural firm in Minnesota. However, the name did not stick. The name has since been forgotten by people who are involved in commercial metal building.

Carports are most often fashioned from steel, which has also become an increasingly popular material for commercial metal build