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Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve and Your Charms on Your Wrist!

Written by admin on January 9, 2014. Posted in Caduceus charm, Pandora glass beads, Pandora jewelry maryland

Friendship pandora charm

The history of charm bracelets is a storied one. In the 1950s, teenagers loved to buy charms for their bracelets and necklaces as a means of documenting the important events in their lives. For example, if a teenager won an art contest, she might purchase a paint brush charm, or if a girl made it on to the cheer leading squad, she would buy a pom pom charm. Throughout the history of charm bracelets, mothers have bequeathed their charms to their daughters, and charms are often passed on down the family line as heirlooms.

If you care about the history of charm bracelets and fashionable jewelry, you will love Pandora, a jewelry company founded originally in 1982 by a Danish couple. Pandora jewelry includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets and a line of interchangeable Swiss watches that was introduced