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Three Motor Oil Myths You May Believe

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Which motor oil should i use

Your motor oil matters. When you get an oil change, you need to know what the best motor oils are specifically for your vehicle are, or your risk doing irreparable damage to your vehicle. Conversely, knowing about motor oils that work well for your car can help your engine start easier, lubricate engine parts, reduce friction, protect against rust and corrosion, keep engine parts clean, minimize combustion chamber deposits, cool engine parts, and more.

The key to knowing what oil works for your car and what doesn’t lies in the motor oil facts. However, there are many fallacies Continue Reading | No Comments

Have You Been Fired After a Workplace Injury? Call an Employment Lawyer

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Do i need a personal injury lawyer

Workplace injuries are incredibly common in the United States. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, private sector workers see injury among 102 out of every 10,000 employees. Government employers offer a higher rate of personal injury among their employees with approximately 181,000 every year. Whether you work as an accountant for a Fortune 500 company or as a government employee with the U.S. Postal Service, the fact is that a workplace injury can completely alter the trajectory of your life. If you’re unable to do your job, your financial situation and your happiness with your professional life can change in an instant.

What About Workers Compensation Laws?
As the Office of Disability Employment Policy writes, workers compensation laws exist in almost

What is a Transformational Leader?

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Leader in management

In most areas, leadership is incredibly important. Strategic planning and management is a big part of leadership, although there are a lot of things that go into leading people well. For example, it pays for a transformational leader to be able to inspire people and give them reason to work hard towards whatever the end goal is.

The benefits of strategic planning cannot be understated. A leader in management generally makes sure that subordinates are working hard and know precisely what they are doing to achieve whatever the end goal is. On a sports team, a leader helps the