Work With the Pros to Build a Better Online Billing System

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Statement processing companies

According to NACHA, some 54% of American households use electronic billing services for at least one recurring payment every month. Of that group, 84% say that they are satisfied with the process. That fact, combined with the constantly growing and evolving digital marketplace, means that businesses who want to provide the best customer experience possible will need to make sure that they can handle online payments. Though that might sound easy to the average consumer, there are many complexities and challenges involved. As a result, many owners and managers will choose to partner with utility billing services who can provide both information and infrastructure that help make handlin

Five Facts About Outsource Billing Services for Utility Companies

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Electronic billing

First came email, then eCommerce. Now, it is all about e-banking. You can run an entire banking operation via your computer these days, which has led to some incredible innovations in the transfer of money as well as invoices for professional services. Here are five facts to determine if outsource billing services for utility companies are the way to go for you:

1. Electronic billing is the new norm.

The online revolution has led to several different modern innovations in digitizing our daily errands. This is especially true for online banking. Now you can run your checkbook entirely from a web account, and e-billing has become common feature as well. The depositor simply sends m