Drug Testing and DOT Compliance

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Drug and alcohol abuse can be a big problem in the workplace. Employees who take drugs or who drink on the job can be a big danger, not only to themselves, but to everyone else. There are things and employer can do to ensure they are operating a drug free workplace. For instance, there are services they can use to ensure Dot compliance. In fact, supervisors should take training for DOT compliance so they can learn how to accurately identify substance abusers. One of the tools that can use to make sure DOT compliance is enforced is drug testing. There are all kinds of companies now that are using drug testing to make sure their employees are in DOT compliance.

DOT compliance testing can be successful in promoting a drug free workplace. Sending supervisors for DOT compliance supervisor training is highly advised. When purchasing or ordering drug testing services you will want to have knowledge of all the up to date information surrounding DOT compliance so you can make sure to fit it in with your company policy. Some of the services for drug testing you can use include help with choosing the right kind of tests. An experienced company that knows how to implement a drug free workplace program will be a great help for ensuring DOT compliance.

Drug testing companies can develop your company’s policy and detailed procedures for you. You can use the policy to develop handouts for your employees informing them of the need for DOT compliance. Random drug testing may part of your requirements. This means that an industry accepted random selection process is implemented where employees are required to undergo drug testing randomly.

Companies that provide drug testing services are usually used to collect the samples needed for drug testing. Specimen samples collected are then sent to a laboratory for testing. Drug testing for DOT compliance should also be used as a requirement for pre employment physicals. You can look for training programs that are available along with drug testing services online. Contact drug testing services for more information on DOT compliance and employee drug and alcohol testing today.

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