Intrusion Prevention Systems Preserve Online Brand Reputation

Network intrusion detection software

Internet intrusion destroys organizations. 76 percent of organizations say that a cyber security break destroyed their reputation. They may be lucky that an intruder only damaged their brand, for other intruders destroy entire IT systems. Organizations that are looking for an intrusion prevention system should consider upgrading to Next gen network security.

A next generation security system, broadly defined, is a system that changes the architecture to increase resiliency. While this involves an intrusion prevention system, it can also involve a network security platform that neutralizes and isolates attacks once they occur. As a 2011 study showed that the overall costs and the cost per lost or stolen record decreased that year, intrusion prevention systems and next generation security are working.

Organizations that do not invest in an intrusion prevention system are exposed to several risks, the most prominent being malware. Short for malicious software, malware is any unwelcome software installed by an unauthorized third party. Some forms of malware, such as viruses, worms and trojans, can corrupt data that an organization has on file. Some, like adware, would be a mere nuisance if they did not stop business.

Perhaps the worst form of malware is spyware, which can expose your system. Spyware can bypass a more primitive intrusion prevention system, and collect data on an organization. This data can be anything from embarrassing emails to trade secrets and credit card information, and can expose the organization to liability and a PR disaster.

The best defense against such an intrusion is a next generation network. This would involve an intrusion detection system, such as an enterprise firewall, that can detect and prevent attacks on IT systems from the Internet. A sophisticated intrusion prevention system will even spot patterns in attacks, and let IT departments organize further safeguards if the attacks appear to come from one place or group of people.

Investing in next generation security, such as an intrusion prevention system, helps an organization eliminate threats, and increase resiliency should an attack become successful. By using a well designed intrusion prevention system, organizations can protect their online brand and reputation, and save millions of dollars in liability costs.

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