Mother’s Day is a Busy Day for Buying Flowers Minneapolis

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Florists St. Paul MN are pretty busy on Mother’s Day. Actually, Mother’s Day is one of most used days for sending flowers and accounts for one fourth of the sales that Minneapolis florists make throughout the year. Seems like everyone wants to honor their mothers with flowers Minneapolis. Christmas is another busy holiday. About 50 million poinsettias are purchased, either personally or to give as gifts. Most of them are the red ones too as 74 percent of the purchases are red poinsettias. During Christmas and Hannuka, as much as 33 percent of orders that florists st. paul mn get are for fresh flowers Minneapolis.

Customers can select from all kinds of arrangement for flowers Minneapolis. For instance, the small bouquet flowers Minneapolis are always a hit if you want to give some kind of small hand held flower arrangement. These small arrangements are called tussie mussie, nosegay or posy flower arrangements. Of course, funeral flowers Minneapolis are also always available. The term used for cultivating flowers and then arranging them for sale, is “floristry.” People who are in the floristry business are ones who own and operate flower shops where they can sell fresh flowers Minneapolis. More on this.

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