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Old bridge dental

An Old Bridge dentist can treat gingivitis, which is a gum disease. If you go in for regular teeth cleaning your Old Bridge dentist can prevent gingivitis. If you already have it, a dentist Old Bridge NJ can reverse it. Keeping your teeth clean and going in for regular Old bridge dental care is essential if you want to keep your teeth for the rest of your life. If you live in Staten Island you can go to Staten Island dental care providers.

Preventing tooth loss is essential. However, sometimes losing a tooth is unpreventable, especially for people who loose a tooth because of an accident or getting into a fight. This is the most common reason why people who are under the age of 35 loose a tooth. Athletes can also end up losing teeth if they get hit in the face, such as in football, etc. Most people in America today are able to keep their own teeth. A hundred years ago though, about one half of all Americans were toothless. Thanks to improved dental care now, we can keep your teeth. Dental implants NJ are done now too for people who loose teeth. In fact, nowadays, only about 10 percent of adults over the age of 65 end up loosing some of their teeth. Your Old Bridge dentist will do what they can to prevent tooth loss.

An Old bridge dentist would rather do a root canal and a crown before pulling out a tooth. This is generally the best option since people who can keep their teeth don’t have problems chewing their food. An Old Bridge dentist can provide other services today too, like teeth whitening. Teeth whitening services are done to help one keep that bright white smile. If your teeth are crooked or misshapen, your old Bridge dentist may also be able to do veneers. Veneers can improve your smile instantly too.

Did you know that they date the toothbrush back to 3500 BC? Well, actually the Babylonians back in that time era were chewing on sticks to keep their teeth clean. It is a good thing that tooth enamel is strong. In fact, the enamel on your teeth is the strongest surface in the your body.

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