Essential Mobile Device Security

Apple mobile device

Over the last 20 years, it seems that technology has advanced at the speed of light. Of course, the internet has been central to this. Thus, a few short years ago, many people wondered what comes next? The answer to that question was answered with the appearance of the first mobile devices. Today, about half of all Americans own smartphones, and since 2010 more than 34 million iPads have been purchased. Because so many people own mobile devices, cutting edge companies have tried to capitalized on the efficiency that such devices could bring to their businesses. As such, many companies have adopted a buy your own device, or BYOD, policy that allows employees to provide their own mobile devices for both personal and company use. Naturally, the BYOD policy creates some concern regarding unauthorized access to privileged company information. Thus, policies utilizing iPad security management and iPhone device management via iphone enterprise management software were implemented.

Given that only 30 percent of employees with smartphones do not check company email from home, and that nearly half of BYOD offering companies have experienced a security breach due to their BYOD policies, iPhone security and iPad security have become essential. As such, the most secure iPhone and iPad security is possible via Apple mobile device management software. The best iPhone and ipad security software allows employee mobile devices to be remotely locked, and even erased, in the even that a device is stolen or lost. Therefore, with mobile device management, iPhone and iPad security can allow companies and employees to rest assured that they will not have to deal with, or be blamed for, any breaches in security.

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