Take a Holiday in a Gypsy Caravan!

Holiday in a yurt

Take a holiday in a Gypsy caravan! Glamorous or upscale camping, or glamping, is spending time in the outdoors in style and comfort, instead of pitching a thin tent and hoping the bears leave you alone. Taking a holiday in a tipi or a holiday in a yurt can be a fun compromise between the indoors vibe of a hotel and the troubles of camping. Most people know what a tipi is, but a yurt is a similar simple dwelling used by Central Asian nomads. Mongolia is both the biggest landlocked country on Earth and the least densely populated, which makes it an excellent destination for private, unique glamping.

Taking a holiday in a Gypsy caravan can give you the full glamping experience. If that is too rustic for your idea of glamping, you can also rent villas in France, villas in Spain, or villas in other places to give you a more relaxed and open country feel, but with a full and solid roof over your head. Everyone’s idea of glamping varies from having most of the comforts of a hotel to having only a few, but there is room in the glamping concept for everyone. To learn more, read this.

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