Getting (Your Stuff) Out of Town


Although the average annual migration rate has declined since the 1960s, many of us have had to move long distance at some point in our lives. The task of moving all of your possessions is a daunting one especially since, unless it is a military move, you probably have never needed to do it before or will need to again. The first step is definitely to write a checklist. This will help you make sure that you do not forget anything important. The next step is to consider exactly how your things will make it from one place to another.

If your move is long distance, you will most likely need to do it in one trip. This probably means renting a truck or moving pods, which can get expensive. If you can control when you move, try to move outside of the “peak” moving season, which falls between June and September. This will ensure you get the cheapest prices that moving companies offer. There are online calculators that can help you figure out exactly how much your long distance move will cost.

Some people find it easiest to just go through a moving company, because much of the hassle is eliminated. However, some people don’t trust movers or find them too pricy. There are trucks you can rent and drive yourself, but be sure that you take care with your packing and lifting. Moving heavy items up the ramp of a truck can be damaging for your back. Pods moving containers are often found to be the best of both worlds.

If you use pods moving is as stress free as it can get. Moving pods are portable storage units that can be loaded at ground level and then transported to your destination by a service. You get the peace of mind of packing and loading your own belongings, without the hassle of actually transporting them. Pods storage containers are large enough to hold an impressive assortment of objects.

Moving is stressful, even if you use a service or pods moving containers. The good news is, if you have moved over 50 miles away for a job, you might be eligible for tax deductions! To learn more, read this:


  1. I’m moving soon and have been considering how best to move my things. U-haul seems like the best bet for now, but I hadn’t considered pods.

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