Need to Organize Your Dorm Room? Try a New Trend and Consider Some Chair Pockets

How to decorate dorm room

In the United States a dormitory, which is often shortened to the term “dorm”, is a place that houses sleeping quarters or rooms primarily for sleeping arrangements for a larger population. This usually occurs in places like colleges or boarding schools. In Britain, the word ‘dorm’ only refers to the actual room that the resident stays in, rather than the entire residence hall. However, no matter which way you slice it, a dorm room is just another name for a room you stay in when you are studying away from home.

And truth be told, these dorm rooms aren’t particularly spacious. So it’s always a good idea to only pack the dorm room essentials when you are heading away to school or college. But, even so, the question of how to decorate dorm room will definitely come up. You probably want yours to be one of the stylish dorm rooms, because who wouldn’t? Comfort meets function and style meets organization. And, of your dorm room supplies, really one of the biggest things you need to consider is dorm room organization.

So, what about chair pockets? Seems weird, right? Pockets go on pants, not furniture and all. But you’re wrong. Chair pockets are a very cool, stylish way to organize your room, keep the clutter to a minimum, and still make things look good in there when your friends or family come to visit!


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