You Want That Trophy Kill?

Hunting trips

Hunting is oldest task known to man. It was once a daily job for a man to go out and provide food for his family. But these men didn’t go out and work behind a desk with a suit and tie on and make money to provide food that way, they went out into the riskiness of the wilderness and searched for what they needed to kill. These men did not have all of the innovative weapons that we are prepped with today though; they were stuck slinging spears and launching rocks and mammoth animals.

But people today still appreciate the art of hunting and what it once was, but it has just changed a bit overtime. People go on hunting trips and hunting vacations all of the time. Take New Mexico for example… In the 2012 season alone, there were 139,111 applicants that were submitted to go on some big game hunts in this location.

Hunters love the big game hunts and are always looking for that trophy kill! Trophy mule deer hunts are a hit in new mexico. There are all sorts of guided hunts to better assure you of getting that trophy kill. There are guided mule deer hunts, guided elk hunts, etc. Right now, trophy mule dear hunts are popular in New Mexico, as well as the urge to hunt bears and elk also brings hunters to this location from all over the United States.

You can learn a lot on these guided hunting trips about all sorts of animals. For example, if you attend a guided elk hunt, you will be lead by an expert hunter. But this expert hunter will also be your teacher in a way. You will learn things like how the male elk have a loud vocal sound known as bulging in which can be heard from miles away and actually attract the female elk. Just a little snippet of the great knowledge you may gain on a guided hunt.

Trophy mule deer hunts and guided hunting seems like the best way to do it if you are in search of some big game, but there is more to hunting in New Mexico than just the big animals. You can even go turkey hunting, and find yourself aiming at its fleshy protuberance on the top of its beak which is known as its snood. If you are not feeling the hunt on land, why don’t you go and try to catch yourself the carnivorous predator we all know as the rainbow trout. Did you know they eat stuff like salmon eggs, eggs of other trout, crustaceans, and smaller fish. Pretty cool!

As you can see, it does not just end at trophy mule deer hunts or guided big game hunts in New Mexico; the hunting is endless!


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