Branding Politico And Social Media are Important to Campaigns

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In the current political environment, it is crucial that political candidates, as well as their staff understand political branding, or branding politico, and how to interact with the public via social media. Many candidates understand that branding politico, is important. As such, the more savvy candidates are turning to social media in an effort to interact with constituents, as well as each other. This means that social media has become a very valuable sphere for political communications, or comunicacion politica, and branding politico.

The rise in the use of social media as part of the branding politico efforts is shown through the rise in the use of Facebook as a political communication medium. As of November of 2012, 12 percent of adults online indicate they get political news from Facebook. This is compared with only 6 percent in January of 2012. The manager of public policy at Facebook says that the users at Facebook are most likely to engage with a political ad between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m.

When considering branding politico and political communication or comunicación política as part of a campaign, it is important to use political training or clases de politica to gain a better understanding of how social media can help. When looking at social media, classes such as an electoral campaign workshop, curso e campana electoral, can help campaign staffers learn social media training, activism training and candidate training. This branding politico and social media training can help turn likes into more measurable results, such as donation, volunteers and voter numbers.

Branding political, or political branding is necessary to getting a candidate elected. If the brand of the candidate or his or her platform is unknown and unrecognized by voters, it is unlikely that the candidate will be elected. Additional classes for candidates and staffers should include strategy and political negotiation, or estrategia y negociacion politica; strategies for electoral campaigns, or estrategias de campañas electorales , as well as branding politico courses.

It is important in the current political landscape that anyone working on a campaign be fluent in working with the digital platforms, as well as the traditional media outlooks. Ignoring social media as part of a branding politico will ensure that you are ignoring a huge voter base.
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