Build a Dynamic Web Presence to Help Your Business Grow

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According to statistics from Entrepreneur magazine, small businesses account for more than 52% of all retail sales. On top of that, in order to find information about local small businesses, 82% of consumers hop online and use search engines. This means that owners and managers who want to stand out will have to develop a strong web presence and work to improve search engine rankings. However, this can be tough, especially for owners and managers who are not SEO experts and have little training or experience. If someone is struggling with their local search engine optimization campaign, they might want to consider utilizing pay per click internet marketing, and Google AdWords.

Though many will use AdWords because it could actually be easier to master than SEO, there are still intricacies and details that can be difficult to understand for individuals who have not received Adwords certification. As a result, finding a reliable source for Adwords support is a must. Some businesses might want to do that by building a relationship with an online marketing firm, and others will simply visit different Google pages to find tips and advice. Either way can be beneficial for individuals who are looking to utilize AdWords support to increase visibility and attract new customers.

While both SEO and PPC campaigns can be beneficial, they are not the only options for businesses looking to generate leads. Creating unique content is a great way for businesses to increase site traffic, and blogs are one of the best methods of doing so. In fact, 57% of businesses have actually gained a customer because of their company blog. So taking the time to write and publish a high quality blog is always a useful strategy.

Measuring data and predicting future trends is a must for any company looking to grow, so using measurement tools is a must. At times, organic search engine click through rates are a great resource for businesses because they help to measure online engagement and interaction. Lead prediction can be more difficult than simply measuring success, but time of day, day of the week, geography of the lead, and desktop or mobile users can all be indicative of lead quality. Measuring and understanding them is key for any business who wants to make sure they have a dynamic web presence that stays current and accurately predict future trends. Find more.


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