Live With Nature, Not Against It

Williamsburg landscape

It seems like as time goes on, civilization becomes less and less concerned with matters of the natural world.

What do you think is the reason for this? Is it technology, making us feel disconnected with the natural world? Was it the industrial revolution, boxing us in cities that makes us less concerned with greenery? The answer is probably a complex combination of many different factors, but that fact is, gardening as a past time is largely on the decline. I believe it crucial that we have more garden centers in our industrial areas.

In America, almost half (49%) of all homeowners have admitted to gardening in the past year. Typically, this American gardener is a 45 year old female with some college education. Come on, men! Step up to the plate and start landscaping some more garden centers alongside the gals!

Garden design can be breath taking. If it is done with thought and care. I remember growing up, I used to love going to see my grandparents and playing among their herbs, vegetables, trees and shrubs. They had one of the most magically designed garden centers. It was made to look like a fairy hideout.

The most common food grown in garden centers today is the tomato. This comes as no surprise because it is delicious, easy to grow, and used in so many recipes. The average size of food gardening centers? They are about 600 square feet.

It makes so much sense to me to grow everything possible in garden centers, because it is much more affordable and you do not have to take unnecessary trips to the grocery store (which we all know can be a nightmare). Plus, you know exactly how your food was grown and prepared because it was done by your own hand. There are no worries about pesticides, genetic modification, or artificial preservatives. The food you garden is 100% natural.

In 2011, the global gardening and outdoor living industry was worth nearly $187 billion. The demand for living naturally is clearly there. More businesses just need to be there to answer the call. Open garden centers for your own health and the health of the whole world.


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