Before You Go Under the Knife, Learn a Few Things About Breast Augmentation

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There are countless reasons to get breast implants. And the reasons are your own, you need not explain them to anyone. But, before you commit to investing in breast implants, make sure that you have the most up to date information on breast augmentation. With the right information about breast implants, you can be assured that you are well informed and have everything that you need to know before you say yes to the procedure.

In 2011, Americans spent over 10 billion dollars on plastic surgery. Of that, over 307,000 women underwent breast augmentation. Perhaps one of the reasons for so many is found in a recent poll stating that 34 percent of women who had breast augmentation or breast lift surgery reported an increase in their sex lives.

There are a few different types of breast augmentation implants to choose from if you make the decision. Ultimately, it varies from patient to patient, depending upon breast anatomy, elasticity of the skin, and general body type.

There is the silicone implant, which made up 69 percent of all surgeries in 2011. It has a more natural look and feel, requires a larger incision, and you must be at least 22 years old in order to get them. The implant is prefilled with silicone gel, and should it rupture, it leaks very slowly so that it maintains it shape. Routine MRIs are suggested in order to check for any leaks.

Then there is breast implant information about saline. You have to be at least 18 to get them. They made up about 31 percent of the surgeries in 2011. They are less expensive and require a smaller incision to put in. They are filled with the solution after insertion, and if they rupture they deflate immediately, with no harm to the tissue. They are more common among younger patients, but may cause a wrinkling of the breast tissue.

Then there are the lesser known alternatives. The hybrid implant, which uses a saline base, with a silicone outer chamber. The newest is known as the Gummy Bear implant. It is named such because it is a new, high strength silicone that holds its shape even better.

And lastly, natural breast implant augmentation. This process requires fat cells be harvested via liposuction from either the stomach, the buttocks, or the thigh. From the collected fat, regenerative and stem cells are collected and then concentrated. The extracted cells are then mixed back in with the remaining fat to create cell enriched fat grafts, which are then injected into the breasts for a natural augmentation.

Hopefully this breast implant information is enough of a start to get you thinking. By no means should you be using this breast implant information as a final decision, but if it helps to encourage you to pursue further research, then it has done its job. Of course, the best research and counsel will come from a medical professional, so if you are still seriously considering breast augmentation, that is your next step. Continue reading here.


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