Chartering A Bus For Your School Event

Coach bus

Did you know that intercity bus services by steam powered buses originated in England during the 1830s?

Today these buses have come to be known as charter buses. A chartered bus is a private bus that is rented by an organization or individual person to transport individuals from one destination to another. A charter bus company is privately run as opposed to public transportation which is publicly run. Some charter bus rentals charge a flat fee, while other charter bus rentals charge a fee per mileage.

A chartered bus currently provides 206 passenger miles per gallon of fuel, a commuter rail provides 92 passenger miles per gallon, single passenger automobiles provide 27 passenger miles per gallon, and an air carrier provides 44 passenger miles per gallon. The largest bus is the Neoplan Jumbocruiser in China. It holds 300 passengers, has five doors, and three sections.

Charter bus services often include amenities including entertainment systems, reclining seats, bathrooms, and air conditioning.

A coach bus is chartered to provide longer transport than intercity distances.

There is a growing interest for electric buses, hybrid electric buses, fuel cell buses, and buses powered by bio diesel.

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