How to Succeed at Search Engine Optimization Without Really Trying

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As reported in a research study by comScore qSearch, there are 4.9 billion Internet searches every month. That breaks down to 1,890 searches every second. Most online users ignore paid advertising. When using a search engine, people skew heavily towards focusing on their organic search results rather than on sponsored ads. In fact, 18 percent of organic clicks go to the number one position on Google, and an estimated 75 percent of web users never click past the first page of their search results. In other words, if your web site is on page two, you are out of luck.

These facts may be discouraging for small business owners who seldom have the time, manpower, or resources available to devote to Search Engine Optimization. What you cannot do for yourself, however, you should hire SEO resellers to do for you. As a small business owner, you should consider taking advantage of SEO reseller packages that can help to boost your online visibility. Working with SEO resellers can facilitate an increase in your search engine rankings, especially those all important Google rankings. After all, Google owns almost 70 percent of the search engine market share. SEO resellers can help get your Google rankings up.

When you start working with SEO resellers, your organization has a greater chance of increasing your web presence. You may know everything there is to know about your own particular industry, but chances are, you are not a marketing expert. So why would you not work with SEO resellers whose job it is to be experts in online marketing?

60 out of 100 industry specific content sharing messages actually mention a brand name or product name. As well, about half of all search engine users will click on a search result if the brand name appears in the result more than once. Good Seo resellers know that strong content is therefore of the utmost importance to increasing the web traffic of a given site. To put a finer point on it, Seo resellers are acutely aware that strong content based SEO is the best driver of increased search engine rankings. More than 75 percent of marketing professionals with strategic SEO campaigns in place incorporate content creation as part of those campaigns. A private label SEO reseller can provide you with informative and entertaining content to attract new users.

Content writers and other team members who collaborate on SEO reseller packages have access, due to their extensive experience, to a great deal of content related expertise. Therefore, the writers with whom you will be working as Seo resellers can maximize your online marketing presence in order to take your business to a new level of online visibility.

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