Arc Rated and Flame Resistant Clothing Such as Jackets and Coveralls Available to Those Working in Hazardous Work Environments with Fire and Electricity

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When performing any sort of job, safety should always be a top priority. Many lines of work are very dangerous due to the nature of the environment that they take place in and the types of tasks that are performed. Those who work in environments where electricity and fire are involved must be 100 percent conscious of their safety at all times to avoid very serious injuries from occurring. To protect themselves from the potential dangers of fire and electricity, workers can use arc rated clothing, flame retardant coveralls, fr jackets, and other flame retardant workwear.

Those who work in the electric power industry must be especially cautious when dealing with electric arcs as they have proven to be one of the most serious safety hazards that workers can encounter. About 21 percent of the time, workers who suffer electrical injuries may have to deal with permanent symptoms. As per the request of the OSHA, the NFPA 70E was created in order to inform electrical workers of the risks that were involved in their jobs so that they could guard themselves against potential injuries.

OSHA also took measures to ensure the safety of workers by issuing a set of standards for arc flash protective clothing and flame retardant workwear. Fire resistant chemicals are often used to coat flame retardant clothing for an extra measure of safety. Workers who perform jobs involving fire and electricity can better protect themselves from potential danger with the use of arc rated clothing and flame retardant workwear.


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