Develop a Stronger Web Presence to Help Your Business Grow

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A study conducted by comScore qSearch found that web users conduct 4.9 billion internet searches every month, which comes out to 1,890 every second. These staggering numbers mean that search engines provide a great opportunity for businesses who are trying to find ways to increase visibility and attract new customers. Just over 40% of the people who use search engines choose to click on the highest-rated link, so developing a strong SEO program is a great way for businesses to grow. But while some companies are fortunate enough to have in the house employees and resources needed to handle cumbersome SEO needs, many will find that working with marketing firms who provide search engine optimization services is the only way to achieve higher rankings.

If an owner or manager is hesitant about not only working with search engine marketing professionals, but even trying to build an online search engine optimization campaign at all, they might want to do a bit of research and find some helpful SEO statistics before making their decision. For instance, according to more than 40% of B2C marketers, SEO has the biggest impact on lead generation goals, and 57% of B2B marketers say the same thing. So SEO can be quite beneficial when it comes to generating new sales leads and is always a good idea.

It can be tough for businesses to build a successful campaign that leads to a high Seo return on investment, especially expertise in other areas. But the best search engine optimization services will be comprised of skilled and experienced experts who understand how to both develop an execute a high quality SEO program. Plus, they will be able to take the day to day burden of SEO away from in house workers, freeing up time and resources. That combination makes search engine optimization services a great resource for any company looking to bolster its web presence.

Despite the fact that SEO is so powerful for lead generation, it is hardly the online internet marketing strategy that businesses should use. In addition, they should spend some time focusing on social media, since web users check billions of different accounts every day, and pay per click, or PPC, marketing. PPC can be beneficial because businesses only have to pay for their ads after they are clicked on. As a result, it does well to complement SEO and social media campaigns and give businesses the complete and robust web presence they need to build a larger customer base.
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