Got a Big Proposal Planned? Find a Beautiful Diamond

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Lots of guys have original proposal ideas that they know would take their woman’s breath away, but know next to nothing about how to buy a ring. Buying wedding rings for women is hardly ever easy, especially with so many shapes and styles to choose from. However, one thing that is vital when visiting jewelry stores and checking out different options is high quality. While price is almost always a factor, men should always check for the four Cs – color, cut, clarity, and carat – before making a choice. Of those four, cut has the greatest effect on beauty, so finding the right cut is a good first step.

When it comes to diamonds, the most popular shape today is round, though Princess and Cushion cuts are also common. However, the most popular style for engagement rings today is the Halo. A Halo is when there are small diamonds that surround the larger one, and can make the main diamond look almost 30% bigger. Lots of women prefer a big rock that they can showoff, and the Halo is a great way for a loving future husband to give her that.

For the most part, diamond grading is not objective, and even two diamonds that are given the same color might not be exactly the same. In the same way that all original proposal ideas are unique, so too are diamonds. For some, the individual nature of diamonds, unlike items that come off of a factory line, is what makes them so special. So taking the time to look closely and do some research is a good idea for any boyfriend looking for that perfect diamond.

In some cases, both men and women might want to choose alternative metals, like tungsten carbide or steel for their wedding rings simply because they are a bit cheaper. However, many jewelers and other professionals are against this idea because the symbolism of going cheap on a wedding ring does not always sit easily. There are a bunch of different rules about how much should be spent on wedding rings, and no two people will come up with the exact same amount. But finding room in the budget for the highest quality rings is a good way to start off a life together.

While coming up with original proposal ideas that make dropping the question an unforgettable experience is a challenge for many men, finding the ring that is sure to make her say yes is also difficult. Being patient, doing some research, and working with a professional jeweler who has lots of knowledge and experience is a good idea. It can help make sure that the proposal makes her jaw drop for all the right reasons.

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