Mixing Up Floral Dress Styles

Floral print dress

Floral print dresses may be somewhat timeless, but expressing your style in the popular wrap dresses can take many forms. Finding the print and accessories that fit your individuality can be a fun way to update your wardrobe.

Looking back at the floral print dress, they have gone through every style permutation as designers adapt to different looks with each passing fashion season. To find your particular dress, you may want to start by assessing your current dress preferences. First, would you wear a dress everyday if you could, or do you like to mix it up with less formal apparel? Your work guidelines or evening activities may dictate what type of design you choose. For a casual summery look, you can adapt practically any pattern or length. For a business or professional look, you may want to stick to more conservative options.

Your options are multiplied when you take into the pattern options. For a striking look, you can find more graphic, stylized images that push floral prints to a more avant garde look. For a classic look, you can stick with dainty, timeless patterns. Do not be afraid to try on looks that you might otherwise not consider. The floral prints can be adapted to many styles and a particular cut or design just might surprise your taste sensibilities.

If you are not sure quite what to select, go with a simpler pattern. You can find very conservative styles that have floral prints on a black or white background that are both feminine and reserved. Again, sample the different styles to see what best expresses your look.

While the dress is critical, do not forgot the right accessories. Any statement you make with the dress can be tweaked with appropriate shoes, scarves or jewelry. Have something really loud? You can tone it done with a simple cardigan or plain flats. Alternatively, if you are wearing something classic, you could punch it up with a scarf or jewelry to make it your own look. Regardless of your style, you can adapt everything to fit your current attitude or occasion.

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