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Machine bolts

According to industrial supply magazine, the top 5 industrial supply companies generated nearly 39 billion dollars in revenue during 2012. When you factor in all of the smaller industrial suppliers, the industrial supplies industry routinely surpasses 50 billion dollars in annual revenue.

Despite the size of the industrial supplies industry, few people give any thought to how important industrial supplies are to their livelihoods; but without the high quality hydraulic hoses, Destaco clamps, and Destaco latches with which they supply manufacturing companies, our lives would look radically different.

Perhaps the best example to which we can all relate are the automobiles so many of us depend on. When we leave for work each morning, we expect the doors to open, the cars to start, the automatic transmission to shift gears, and our hydraulic brakes to slow us down. Obviously, since everything functions as it should 99 percent of the time, we do not have to think about what is going on underneath the hood and beneath the chassis.

The reason that many of us can take our automobiles for granted can be attributed to the heavy duty industrial tools with which they are assembled. When automobiles are produced, they move slowly down the assembly line, and are handled with firm, stable force as they undergo a variety of bending, shaping, hammering, and drilling processes. In order for the finished product to function properly without falling apart, hundreds of different jobs must be done with the perfect combination of force, stability, and precision. Basically, the difference between a great car and a lemon can come down to fractions of a millimeter.

During the manufacturing process, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders, and hydraulic hoses are two of the most important machines. It is through the combination of hydraulic hoses and pumps that hundreds of PSI are generated, and it is that pressure that operates essential tools such as large, industrial drills. It is this pressure that allows coupling bolts to rotate and guide the drill bushings with maximum precision.

Considering the innumerable industrial tools that must operate at the highest levels of precision and stability, the leading manufacturing companies depend on the highest quality industrial tools and supplies. After all, if they settled for mediocre industrial supplies, you would probably be crossing your fingers each time you try to start the ignition.


  1. I have no idea what I just read but its fascinating nonetheless. My big Daddy used to work in manufacturing dyes before he kicked the bucket back in June. He was handy and I got none of his skill.

  2. The article isn’t well-written and it makes it seem even more complex than it is. I worked for 17 years before my job went to China. I can’t say as that I miss it though.

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