The Leading Suppliers of Industrial Finishing Products

Metric rubber grommets

Every American has in some way been affected by the number of U.S. manufacturing jobs than continue to be outsourced to cheaper, overseas manufacturers. If the outsourcing of American manufacturing jobs has not affected us directly, each of use knows someone who has. Despite the amount of production American companies are sending overseas, the manufacturing industry continues to play a crucial role within the United States economy.

The total amount of revenue generated by the top 10 industrial supply companies was nearly 55 billion dollars in 2012. Among 19 separate categories, the durable goods manufacturing industry accounted for 6 percent of the total U.S. gross domestic product. That was good enough for fifth place behind real estate, state and local government, finance and insurance, and health and social care, each of which accounted for 13 percent, 9 percent, 8 percent, and 8 percent of GDP, respectively.

Although manufacturing continues to play a crucial role in the American economy, most people have no clue what goes on under the roofs of large manufacturing companies. However, what occurs in every factory involves a series of highly complex processes that involve hundreds of moving parts. Regardless of the process, all plastic screws, nylon nuts, and plastic washers must be installed with absolute precision.

This requires the highest quality tools, hardware, and equipment that will stand up to several hundreds of PSI of pressure and intense heat. Not only is this important to ensure the safety of workers, but to protect sensitive parts that could be compromised if left exposed. For instance, rubber grommets and cable glands are critical for wire management, as the consequences could be dire in the event that a vulnerable cable is damaged or severed.

Like grommets and cable glands, metal conduits are equally crucial to industrial wire management. As their name suggests, metal conduits conduct potentially damaging electromagnetic fields away from sensitive circuitry. Obviously, faulty or low quality conduits can lead to malfunction, and possibly result in catastrophic consequences.

Given the essential roles they play in various manufacturing processes, it is critical that manufacturers purchase the very best industrial supplies available. This is why they count on the leaders in high quality industrial finishing and protection equipment. After all, American quality is more than a myth, but a direct reflection of the quality products and services offered by the leading industrial supply companies.

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