Fashion Inspired by the Outdoors

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It does not take a genius to realize that the stripes of a zebra protect it from being potential prey. The same can be said for the pattern on a giraffe; it varies according to its surroundings to guard the lofty animal from the attacks of predators.

Similar to camouflage that naturally resides in the wild, military regimes have incorporated disguise into their uniforms since as early as the 19th century. Back then, British army units camouflaged their artillery during the Napoleonic wars.

More modern iterations of camouflage, however, which have their roots in early 20th century avant garde cubist art movements, are far more clever and unique. The colors have shifted away from traditional greens and browns to tans and browns, which are representative of the landscape of modern military conflicts (e.g., desert climates akin to the Middle East). Current military camo textiles and paints are so inventive, in fact, that they are known to reflect infrared light in order to provide added concealment at night (to avoid being seen by enemies wearing night vision goggles).

Fashionably speaking, camouflage has never been hotter. Everything from pink camo, to camouflage purses, to camo bathing suits for women, camouflage inspired clothing is flying off the shelves. Thanks in part to a portly reality television star, cheap camo wedding dresses are in high demand, too. Do not worry, there are camo wedding vests for the lucky groom as well.

If you adore the look of camouflage, but wearing camo bathing suits for women is not your cup of tea, there are plenty of camouflage accessories you can buy. Camo bedding, camo truck accessories (such as camo seat covers, camo bug shields, or camo fender flares), are also very popular among the fashionable and outdoorsy set.
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