Fast Facts About Douglas E Fleit and Commercial Property

Douglas e. fleit

When you talk real estate, you have to talk Douglas Fleit. The man who heads the American Real Estate Partners investment company knows how to spot a good investment in property. But for you, as a beginner, it might take some time. Here are four quick facts to consider when looking to get into commercial real estate investment.

1. Commercial vs. personal property

You might think that anything you own or have paid money for is your property and, technically, you are right. Legally speaking, however, there are some distinctions between what is considered personal property and commercial. Commercial property is land or buildings intended to generate a profit (either through capital gain or by charging rent). Personal property could be your cars, your clothes, your furniture and everything that is not land or physical structures.

2. Real estate through the ages

The concept of real estate dates back to the feudal period when monarchs controlled entire plots of land in their kingdoms. The land that the king or queen owned was referred to as the “royal estate,” and as the ages drew on, monarchies became less and less pronounced throughout the world. This led to an increase in private ownership, which is where “real estate” was born.

3. Different names for different things

The real estate industry has several different areas to cover the many facets of its character, each with its own set of rules and regulations. Real estate law also makes significant distinctions between the types of real estate — commercial and residential –and how they are used. An investment company like American Real Estate Partners, led by Douglas E. Fleit, can help give sound advice for investing in different real estate properties along the Eastern Seaboard of the United States.

4. Commercial real estate and you

Investing in real estate properties can end up being a wise financial decision. The risk for these types of investments is dependent upon market conditions, the current tenants and the likelihood they will keep leasing, among other things. A company like American Real Estate Partners, under the direction of Douglas E Fleit, can provide sound investment advice in situations like this by acting solely as a principal, not and advisor or capital allocator.

Experienced professionals like Douglas E Fleit can spot the bad apples while they are still hanging from the tree. That is the kind of person you want in your corner when looking into real estate investments. For more info, do some research online, and remember the name: Douglas E Fleit.

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