Oh No, I dropped My iPhone!

Cell phone water damage repair specialist

How much money do Americans spend on cell phone repairs? Well, on iPhones alone, almost $6 billion is spent annually to repair all of those phones that get dropped, cracked, dunked in water, or knocked off a desk. Broken iPhone? There should be an app for that. You would think by now that we would have it figured out, that we would find a way to protect our phones. Then again, if we could foolproof our phones, there would be no need for those people who make a living doing our iPhone repairs.

Where do all of these major damages to our iPhones happen, you may ask? It seems, and it is not surprising, that 16% of iPhone accidents take place in the bathroom. How do you fix a wet cell phone after dropping it into a toilet or bath? Some say it can be fixed by placing it into a container of rice, but that is not always an effective or permanent fix. Even dropping it onto the tile flooring can leave you with a cracked screen. Maybe something to consider is leaving those iPhones in our pockets or bags while we venture into any restroom, in hopes of saving it from a watery death and costly cell phone repairs.

Since 2012, over 34 million iPads have been sold in the United States alone. Of course, replacing a broken screen on an iPad is going to cost a lot more than a broken screen on an iPhone. With the iPad 2, we would hope that it would be made to withstand a little more than the iPad. Sadly, that is not the case at all. In fact, the iPad 2 has three times as many reports of breakage than the original iPad tablet. Let’s hope that none of those iPads had to withstand water damage from a bathroom incident.

With all of these damaged iPhones and iPads, what are people doing to repair their products while still trying to save a buck? Phone repair shops are going to cost a pretty penny. It will easily cost an arm and a leg and possibly your groceries for the next few weeks to get an in-store repair. Since 40% of people use their smartphones to look at online pricing while they are in a brick-and-mortar store, not to mention all the texting and app usage, iPhone users won’t want to be without their devices for very long. Searching online for companies that can provide cell phone repairs will help you get back to talking, texting and Tweeting ASAP.

Cell phone repairs are inevitable at times. When there is no way around getting a repair, know your options so you can make a more informed choice that will get your phone fixed faster, and hopefully cost a little less. Helpful info also found here.

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