Planning for Storage Unit Success

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As one of the fastest-growing sectors of the U.S. real estate industry over the last fifteen years, the self storage industry amasses $22 billion every year. Leasing a variety of unit sizes to both residential and commercial tenants, local storage facilities can be very useful. The key to using rental storage spaces effectively is keeping them organized. Getting the most out of your self storage rentals begins even before you start loading up the truck. Here, we’ll look at a few steps to help you plan for success in the use of your self storage rentals.

1. Make a Plan

Keeping your storage unit rentals organized begins by identifying exactly what it is you want to store. Items you will want to access most frequently should be boxed together, and those boxes should be marked so that they can be positioned closer to the front of your self storage rentals. Make sure heavy items are stored in the bottom boxes and that fragile items go to the top of the stack. Awkwardly sized items that don’t stack well should also be looked at and placed carefully, depending on how often you need to access them and how heavy they are.

2. Choose Unit Size Carefully

Paying for storage you don’t need is silly, but you will want to plan to have a little space for moving around your unit. That little extra space will also come in handy if unplanned items pop up. Usually, storage facility managers can be quite helpful in determining how much space you need.

3. Organize and Pack Purposefully

This step takes time and concentration, but it’s well worth the effort. Invest in quality, sturdy boxes and packing materials that will be able to hold up for years under the weight of the stack. Pack as much as you can into boxes to limit the accumulation of dust, and always fill boxes to capacity so that their contents don’t shift. Clearly label all boxes on more than one side so that you can identify their contents easily.

4. Arrange Carefully

Though your unit should already be broom-swept, it might be wise to put down protective canvas sheeting, cardboard, or wooden boards on the floor for cleanliness. Moisture absorbers and vermin bait might also be a good idea. Then, put your frequently-used items toward the front of the unit and place valuable items furthest from the door, concealed by other items. Even if you’re working with very secure storage units, it’s always best to be safe. Large items can be placed against the far wall and on the side of the unit. Always leave yourself aisle space for easy access to your items, whether that means leaving open spaces between stacks or arranging your items in a “U” shape so that you can access everything.

Self storage rentals can be a great option for those in the midst of a move or those who simply need to get rid of a little clutter. Plan it carefully and organize efficiently to take the best advantage of your space. Helpful info also found here.

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