Don’t Just Relocate Your Office–Upgrade It!

Office furniture installation

Many people think that a relocation is just a growing pain of an expanding business, but really it should be thought of an opportunity to upgrade. When you move to a new office, it shouldn’t be to strictly accommodate the company’s new size, it should be done to upgrade facilities.

The St. Louis region in particular features a culture that’s pro-growth for businesses. For example, venture capital investments in St. Louis has more than doubled since just 2010, reaching a whopping $39 million on just 11 deals! For these businesses, office furniture services can help them to make an upgrade, and not just a relocation.

Office furniture services offer such help as the installation of modular systems, furniture, case goods, full height walls, and high density mobile file systems, which are all great add-ons to a new office. In addition to supplying high end furniture and supplies, office furniture services also address ergonomic and aesthetic issues. Not to mention the fact that office furniture services can also install specialized technology like teleconferencing, computer projection, multimedia presentation and video conferencing.

If you’re in charge of the office relocation project plan, you understand how tough business moving can be, which makes office furniture services an attractive idea. It’s also a good idea for you to show employees a layout or blueprint of the new space as soon as possible before the office moves, which will help facilitate acclimation to the new, upgraded facilities.

Office furniture services can make an office relocation plan that much easier to execute. Why treat the new location as only a spacial solution? Utilize these services to make an upgrade! If you have any questions about office furniture services, feel free to ask in the comments!

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