Get the 2014 Motor Trend SUV of the Year

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Check out the Subaru inventory at your local Subaru car dealer. The new 2014 Forrester is available for purchase. It has been named the Motor Trend SUV of the Year and Subaru is the only auto maker to receive that accolade three times. In its long history which dates back to 1915, when Subaru’s parent company, Fuji Heavy Industries, began as The Aircraft Research Laboratory, Subaru has fashioned thousands of different sedans, sport cars and SUV’s. The first model, the Subaru 1500, was produced about 60 years ago. Since then, this Japanese-based car has become a popular brand around the world. Similarly, Chevrolet has been a staple of American-made cars since the early 1900s. Chevy’s emblem dates back to 1913 when it was used on the H and L series models. This popular American car brand has made it into more than 1000 songs, and worldwide, a Chevy car is sold every 6.5 seconds.

Both of these models appeal to people who enjoy driving along coasts and on rougher terrain. While the Subaru does not sell pick up trucks, its hatchbacks have four-wheel drive and can be used for the same purpose as a Chevy pick up. If you are interested in buying either a Chevy or a Subaru, there are dealerships that carry both automaker’s cars. Local Chevy dealers will have the newest Chevy Silverados and Impalas. Their Subaru inventory will be full of Forresters and the new XV Crosstrek Hybrid. If you do not want to buy a brand new car, used Subaru dealers near you will have older versions of the Forrester or Outback. Used Chevy dealers will have Impalas, Suburbans, and trucks to choose from. You will have to decide how much money you want to spend and what kind of car you want. With so many to choose from, the decision can be hard, but by narrowing down exactly what you are looking for in a car can make the decision easier.

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