Get the Most for Your Money with a Direct Mail Strategy

Oversized postcard printing

In this age of new media and online marketing often the most simple ways of connecting with people are overlooked, or undermined. Direct mail postcards are one of these merely lost forms of marketing.
In light of this new era of marketing social media is proving that tending to your flock is still paying off. The best way to market is to form a relationship. Postcards are a time tested means of achieving this goal.

Marketing for just quarters per door. Many companies keep direct mail costs down to between 25 to 30 cents per mailbox. Direct mail costs can go up depending on customization but with expenses kept this low, it is easy to afford the type of business postcards that can truly stand out. In fact direct mail costs are the lowest per lead among all forms of traditional marketing. This is largely because the effectiveness of your postcard is not who delivers it, or where it is placed – they all end up in a mail slot anyways – rather, the difference is in presentation. Your ingenuity as the marketing professional is what will keep direct mail costs down.

Real estate direct mail postcards can pay off. These real estate postcards can achieve two important goals. First, the advertisement is arriving at the recipients doorstep, where it will grab their attention. Second, direct mail postcards can give information to be checked on later, or on the recipients own time. Unlike a television advertisement, direct mail is not over in thirty seconds or less. Instead, direct mailing postcards can be posted to a refrigerator as a reminder to save the date, or to make that call.

Per lead, postcard printing and direct mail costs are as low as they ever have been. Here is what to consider as you design your direct mail postcard printing.

Mind your manners.

How you package your mailing is just as important as what is beneath the cover. So pay attention to how your outers affect the message carried within. The best way to do this is by developing multiple outers and send them blindly to people within your demographic or neighborhood. By matching which results in more or less response you can designate a winner.

Practice your appearance.

This tactic is closely related to the first. As a reader flips a postcard or pulls a milling from its outs they need to be borough it in. So play up your hook. Grab the recipients attention and keep it by maintaining the same level of detail on the inside as was given to the outside.

Keep it personal.

The key to marketing, as always, is to make a connection. By learning the preferences of a certain group of people you can come that much closer to maintaining their interest. Find out more at this site.

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