More Oxygen Equals Better Health

Hyperbaric treatments

Oxygen is vital for you to survive. Without it, you can suffer brain damage, your bodily functions can start to shut down, and you could ultimately die from lack of oxygen. In many cases, diseases and illness can cause damage to the tissue in your blood, making oxygen flow difficult. To treat this, many people turn to hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). This is the use of a pressurized oxygen chamber to essentially pump a person’s system with extra oxygen. The air pressure is about three times higher than normal to help the lungs absorb more oxygen. Once more oxygen is in the blood stream it can stimulate stem cell growth, which promotes healing.

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is an effective treatment in conjunction with anticoagulation therapy for radiation necrosis, where radiation therapy for a tumor has caused lesions in person’s tissues. The most debilitating radiation necrosis is of the central nervous system. The increased oxygen in HBOT treatment in the blood helps repair the damaged cells. Oxygen therapy has also been useful in treating AIDS, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, as well as chronic fatigue syndrome. Even though antibiotics can alleviate Lyme disease, HBOT has been used to treat this illness as well.

Oxygen therapy can also be helpful in less dire situations. It can eradicate minor aches and pains, migraines, stress, cramps, and even heat exhaustion. A 10 minute session is usually enough to relieve these minor problems. The treatment is an outpatient procedure and many people do not experience any side effects. Whether you are facing a serious illness like AIDS or you simply want to get rid of your headache, HBOT might be one of the best treatments for you. The more oxygen you have in your system, the better you will feel.

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