These Four Quick Facts Will Make You an Organic SEO Expert

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As complicated as its inner workings are, the online marketplace today runs on three simple letters: SEO. Search engine optimization, in conjunction with social media and other good online marketing tools, can significantly impact your business’ efforts to reach more web users with fewer resources. Here are four facts to keep in mind when learning how to become a social media expert or an organic SEO expert.

All hail the king, and the king is content.

In a recent survey, 92 percent of marketers named content creation as either “somewhat” or “very” effective in terms of expanding their SEO efforts. This isn’t a coincidence. Becoming an organic SEO expert begins very simply with the very act of creation, and once this content is spread throughout the web, it’s important to do it again. And again. The best SEO experts would agree that it’s a labor of love that requires plenty of patience and discipline. But the results speak for themselves.

Embrace social media.

SEO doesn’t just begin and end with search engines, though its name might imply differently. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are where content goes viral more quickly — all it takes it a simple click of the “share” and “retweet” buttons. Since this is organic content, meaning not paid advertising, people are eight times more likely to click on it. That means your message travels father faster.

Engage your friends and followers.

Social media is also one of the best ways to engage with your audience. Remember, the goal of SEO is increase visibility, so don’t shy away from interaction. Posting regularly to Facebook and Twitter allows you to directly control the message you’re sending out to the web and all the users in every corner of it. When you don’t keep this in mind, even minor problems can become PR nightmares.

Search pages are the new Yellow Pages.

Studies show that 80 percent of web users now use Google or other search engines to dig up research on a product or service before making a purchase. With everyone’s eyes set directly on the main search rankings, it pays to get noticed there. That’s why consistent, relevant content can win you scores of new clients and customers, all with the simple mantra, “I’m feeling lucky.”

Remember, turning into an organic SEO expert takes time, so don’t expect it to happen overnight. It also takes plenty of discipline and a strong commitment to your craft. Whether you make yourself into a social media marketing expert, a local SEO expert or a simple online web tools guru, you’ll have a fully stocked arsenal in your back pocket. Find more on this topic here:

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