Toggle Clamps The Solution for High-Volume Production

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When you’re working at home in your shop, making individual pieces, adjusting and resetting each clamp by hand every time is not that big of a deal. But when you’re dealing with a high volume of parts that all must fall within certain tolerances, and productivity is the life-blood of your bottom line, your clamps need to do the same job, over and over, with minimal adjustments. That’s where toggle clamps come in.

Destaco toggle clamps can be adjusted to a specific pressure
and setting, then quickly released and reset with the flick of a switch. Parts can be placed, secured, worked, and removed, all without removing or readjusting the clamps, which can be mounted directly to the holding surface for increased accuracy and repeatablility. This provides a smooth, uninterrupted workflow that can give a serious boost to your productivity.

Toggle clamps come in a variety of styles to accommodate any desired force direction. Clamps can hold a piece to a work surface (hold-down clamps), hold two pieces together (squeeze-action clamps), or maintain tension away from a piece (pull-action clamps). And straight-action clamps can be used to maintain force on large workpieces. Further combinations can be employed for more complex jobs or working environments (like multiple-piece work, or close-quarters drilling).

When output volume is on the line, repeatability and durability are of the utmost importance. Destaco toggle clamps are designed simply and soundly, to provide easy, reliable, surface-mounted clamping day-in and day-out, so your line can keep doing what it does best—producing the parts your clients need and count on. If you need reliable, durable, easy-to-use toggle clamps, check out the Destaco clamps catalog. With many sizes and configurations available, you’re sure to find the right clamp for the right job. Check out this website for more:

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