Don’t Waste Time at the ER Go to a Local Urgent Care Center

Denver walk in clinic

When you get sick, you want help, fast. You do not want to have to wait weeks for your doctor to see you, or spend hours in the emergency room just praying that your name will be called next. In this case, the best place to go would be an urgent care center. These centers are located all over the country, and provide quick, reliable family health care, if you or your loved one has a non-life threatening illness. A common cold, a fever, an ear infection, and even stitches for a minor laceration can all be taken care of by the medical professionals at an urgent care facility.

These centers are mostly staffed by a mix of physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. About 65 percent of them always have a physician on site as well. They are trained to administer shots, and even conduct STD testing in an closed setting to keep it confidential. More than half of the patients that go to one of these clinics are seen within 15 minutes, according to a survey done by The Urgent Care Association of America. The same study found that doctors and nurses have patients in and out of the center within an hour. Additionally, for the convenience of their patients, urgent care centers often offer on-site prescription medication dispensing.

With these options for immediate care, why would you waste time trying to get in contact with your doctor, or sit in agony in the ER? The CDC found that about half of ER patients who were not sick enough to be admitted, only came there because they could not get a hold of their own physician. So, an urgent care center would a better choice for a large portion of the people waiting in the ER. Urgent care centers take all people on a walk-in basis, and some of them even offer 24 hour care. The medical attention you get also costs much less than an ER, with some treatments costing only $150.

Rather than spend more than a $1,000 and three hours in an ER hoping that you will be seen, or wait three weeks to see a physician, why not find a doctor in qualified medical center that is willing to see you immediately? Visit here for more:

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