Industrial Cooling Towers Allowing Facilities to Have a Safer Work Environment

Delta cooling towers

A safe work environment should always be the main priority of any place of employment. This is especially crucial in the industrial world, where work environments such as plants, factories, and other industrial facilities have the tendency to be particularly dangerous due to the nature of their operations. VOC removal, which refers to the appropriate ridding of volatile organic compounds, is a priority for safety in many industrial facilities. Various measures of safety have been made over the years, and in the industrial workplace today, closed circuit cooling tower systems are providing the most trusted and efficient methods for VOC removal.

The main function of cooling towers is to remove process heat and cool the working fluid to near the wet-bulb air temperature through the evaporation of water. Natural draft and induced draft are the main types of industrial cooling towers. Primarily, large industrial cooling towers are used in power plants, petroleum refineries, petrochemical plants, natural gas processing plants, food processing plants, semi conductor plants, and other industrial facilities to remove the heat absorbed in the circulating cooling water systems.

Kalisindh Thermal Power Plant in Jhalawar, Rajasthan, India is home to the world’s tallest cooling tower, which stands at 202 meters tall. Sizes of cooling towers can vary from small roof top units to very large hyperboloid structures that can be up to 200 meters tall and 100 meters in diameter, or rectangular structures that can be over 40 meters tall and 80 meters long. To ensure both the efficiency of their operations and the safety of their environment, facilities can purchase various types of cooling towers from industrial cooling tower suppliers. Read more about this topic at this link:

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