How to Prepare For a Hurricane

Storm protection

Preparation for hurricanes is not something a family should put off until the watch or warning has been announced. Hurricanes are strong storms, forces of nature, that can pose life-threatening hazards like flooding, storm surge, high winds and tornadoes. Preparing for hurricanes could save a family’s life.

The first and foremost thing a family can do by way of preparation for hurricanes is to keep an emergency kit. This should include two weeks worth of canned provisions, and drinking water stored in air-tight containers. It’s also important to have spare flashlights, extra batteries, emergency blankets, first-aid kits, duct tape, plastic sheeting, moist toilettes, garbage bags, manual can openers, local maps, and an emergency cellphone, or solar chargers.

Preparation for hurricanes also necessitates having a plan of action in place, which is known by all members of a family. This plan should address such issues as where to meet up, how to evacuate the city, how to evacuate the house if it’s compromised, and what to do if the utilities are shut down.

Local authorities issue a hurricane watch when they expect the storm to hit within 36 hours, and they issue a warning when it’s expected to strike within 24. At this point, it’s still not too late to begin preparation for hurricanes, though it should’ve been addressed sooner. When they issue the watch, a family should fuel and service their vehicles as needed, cover all windows and openings with boards, shutters, or other shielding materials, refill prescriptions, store any and all outdoor lawn furniture and loose objects like garbage cans, and keep an extra supply of cash.

The best way to protect against a hurricane is to prepare for a hurricane. If a family takes these precautions as they prepare for hurricanes, life-threatening, hazardous situations can be avoided. If you have any questions about preparation for hurricanes, feel free to ask in the comments. Good references here.

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