Need to Hire Commercial Cleaners? Here are a Few Facts You Need to Know

Commercial cleaning tips and tricks

Did you know that the first ever vacuum cleaner was called a “suction cleaning device” and was developed in 1901? In business, first impressions are incredibly important. Making sure that you office, or any other place of business for that matter, looks as professional as possible. Making sure to take care of the seemingly smaller details that can be contracted out to commercial cleaning contractors, will let potential customers know that your company is capable and willing to even take care of the smaller needs they might have. Before you hire commercial cleaning contractors to come and do work for you, here are a few facts that you should know about general office cleaning tips and tricks and how they can improve the quality of service your business can provide.

The commercial cleaning solutions industry has an astounding 78 billion dollar value in the United States. With so many huge and small independently owned businesses, the top commercial cleaning companies never need to worry about not having a large volume of work. A clean office space lets the work done there simply speak for itself.

Did you know that the typical U.S. office holds over 500 types of different bacteria? If you have not had serious cleaning services come to your office in a while, it might be prudent to have a deep cleaning session scheduled before you have more routine cleanings done on a regular basis.

Though this might surprise you, recent studies have found a toilet can be up to 50 times cleaner than a mouse, or keyboard. One of the reasons for this the the fact that stigma actually means that toilets are cleaned on a regular basis while these other surfaces are not. Taking a disinfectant wipe to your computer work station regularly can be a huge help in reducing the spread of germs in the office.

Not only do computers harbor a surprising amount of bacteria, but so do telephones. Office phones have been found to have 25,000 bacteria per square inch on average. This is another quick fix with just the swipe of a disinfectant wipe from time to time.
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