Medium Size Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Some people feel they can’t plan an amazing landscape because they don’t have giant yards, but that’s not the case. You can still have a fantastic design in a medium-sized area as long as you hire the right people and use materials from a great landscape supply store. It’s also imperative to let your imagination flow but remain practical in the process.

For example, you need to add native plants or any that can easily survive in your climate. Otherwise, your garden will die quickly. You can still create a beautiful apartment landscape design that makes you want to spend more time outside. The best inspired landscaping ideas come from people who can think outside the box but understand functional limits. You don’t want to waste any money or effort.

Therefore, call a local company and ask for a free landscape design consultation. You can tell them your opinions and get their advice on landscaping ideas for acreage. Your oasis is at the tip of your fingers. You just have to be strong, smart, and proactive enough to get it. Don’t be intimidated by the size of your yard. Let’s find out all the best landscaping ideas for an average backyard.

After you go through the hard work of getting your landscape done, it would be a waste to fail to take proper care of it. That’s why you should have a landscaping service to help you out. They should know about landscape and more so that they offer you your money’s worth. To find affordable solutions that are also professional, you can search online for something like “landscape package deals near me” and take a look at the results.

Make sure that the landscape installation and maintenance service that you hire is well aware of your needs so that they can deliver the perfect outcome. If you like, ask them to share with you a luxury landscape price list so that you have an idea of what one entails. If you see some luxury landscapes that motivate you to get the same, you can start saving up so that you can get yours done similarly.

If you’re more of a hands-on person, keep in mind that you still have the chance to work on your landscape even if you hire a professional. That’s because once they do the basic work, you can work on the maintenance. This may not take too many specialized tools and skills to do.

Some landscape companies specialize in projects to redesign landscapes. Those companies help you transform your landscape. When they finish, you’ll have an amazing landscape, and your new landscape also increases your property value.

Complex Projects

If your landscaping project is complex, you might divide it into shorter tasks. This is called landscape staging. When staging is chosen, the first stages will highlight your home’s curb appeal. For example, you’d first plant a garden in front of your home or begin the front lawn.

If your landscaping project includes a large lawn, hydroseeding is the quickest method of seeding. Hydroseeding spreads seeds, water, and mulch over a large area. The best way to implement hydroseeding is to hire a local hydroseeding company.

Unique Projects

If you’re in charge of a model home community, one trend for model homes is planting gardens. Even a small garden boosts curb appeal. Model home landscaping can lead people to imagine the model home as a “home.”

Are you looking for mountain home landscaping ideas? Most landscape designers agree the landscape surrounding a mountain home should reflect its natural setting; not overshadow it. Choose flowers and trees that blend with a mountain’s setting. Contact a local hydroseeding company or landscaper to learn more.

A medium-sized backyard offers the perfect canvas for creating a stunning outdoor oasis, blending aesthetics and functionality seamlessly. In this guide, we will explore captivating landscaping concepts and ideas, brought to life by expert landscape designers. They understand how to elevate your space and make it truly exceptional and unique.

Discover the versatility of landscape and more as we delve into innovative concepts, from charming garden features to practical outdoor living spaces. Learn about exciting landscaping specials that can enhance your backyard’s beauty without breaking the bank.

As we explore various landscaping facts, you will gain useful insights into the best practices for maintaining a flourishing garden and a vibrant landscape throughout the seasons. Become familiar with the art of landscaping with mulch and pavers, creating inviting pathways, and defining elegant garden zones.

Whether you are dreaming of a serene retreat, a peaceful haven, or a play area for the little ones, our collection of medium-sized backyard landscaping ideas will inspire and guide you to transform your outdoor space into an enchanting sanctuary. Let’s embark on this journey of creativity and elevate your backyard to new heights of beauty and enjoyment. To learn more helpful information, continue reading this important article.

Like every homeowner, you likely want an impeccable landscape you can be proud of. For that, you need to hire a landscaper to help you with landscape maintenance. While investing in a professional may seem unnecessary, some things can help you tell when to hire one.

If you notice the grass on your lawn is starting to turn brown, it’s a sign of a lack of water or nutrients or simple neglect. Either way, you must begin shopping for backyard landscape packages near me. Overgrown trees in your yard indicate the need to schedule a service with a tree removal company.

Besides weeds, lawn pests can also wreak havoc if not controlled. Different insects can damage your garden plants, trees, and grass, and each requires a different approach for eradication. A professional will address the various pest infestations and advise you on how to control them.

Another obvious sign you need the help of a professional is if you don’t have the time or know-how to design outdoor landscape. To enjoy a beautiful yard year-round, you need time, knowledge, and skill to care for a landscape and more. The pros will relieve you of the hassle and also offer some excellent acreage landscaping ideas.

If you want to give your home’s curb appeal a serious boost and improve its functionality, think about getting a professional to help. This includes enlisting the help of local tree services to help you deal with any trees in need of pruning or cutting back. If you don’t know any good tree-topping service, check online and keep an eye out for tree-trimming signs in your neighborhood while you’re out and about.

When you find a professional, you should let them know about any issues you have and how you can fix them. This includes getting help when you notice some tree branches grow downward. A professional will let you know if there’s anything amiss, and whether there’s a solution you can use right away. Remember to make it clear to the professionals you hire if you have any important requirements you’d like to be met with the care that you use. You may prefer to use methods and products that won’t have a negative impact on the environment.

Remember to do research online so you have a lot of information you can use or share with the expert you hire if the need to do so ever arises. Be sure to do research on the service itself as well. Look online for reviews and ask friends and family if they’ve ever done business with the service.

Do you plan to change your home curb appeal? Consider improving your backyard landscape. While you can undertake the project on your own, it’s prudent that you hire a professional. Expert landscapers review and polish your ideas and turn your landscaping ideas for acreage into physical beauty.

Before hiring a professional, ensure you do your due diligence. For instance, if the project involves removing a dead tree, ensure they can offer tree removal services. But how do you gather acreage landscaping ideas?

Online search is the most effective way to search for landscaping views. You can spruce up the landscape designs to complement your home’s general style. For instance, you could go for a colorful, fun, and casual backyard. The idea is to match the colors and plants with the outdoor structures. According to the University of Georgia, using primary colors in backyard gardens creates a lot of energy, draws attention, and invites visitors to explore.

Remember, the yard’s size can also impact your landscape design. As an introduction to landscaping, this article walks you through backyard landscaping ideas to improve home appeal. Let’s get started.

When you want a model home to look better, as you might imagine, you need model home landscaping. This is landscaping like builders use for their model homes. You need a landscaping team to make it happen. Choose the company that you go with carefully. Make sure they are local and that they have a history of happy customers. Check out their reviews online to see what people have said about their work and customer service.

If you have a lot of land that needs to be improved, you need to come up with some acreage landscaping ideas. There are a number of photo-heavy sites like Pinterest that have plenty of pictures of acreage landscaping that you can use for inspiration. Outdoor images of landscape ideas may require using some hardscaping techniques. This means going to a masonry supply store to get some of the materials for those features.

When you put new landscaping around a home, it can raise its value. It can also make the home more appealing to buyers. Getting new landscaping is common when people are getting their home value estimated and when placing it up for sale. When you’re ready for new landscaping, using native plants can make it low maintenance and allow for water savings.

You have to think about the landscaping needs you might have in your yard at any given time. You should reach out to a tree care company when you are looking to get these things taken care of. If you want to create a lovely rustic wooded landscape, you must find the resources to make this happen.

You need to realize that a landscaper is shopping for landscaping materials after you have informed them about the things you need for your yard. You should be sure you are getting the help you require at this time to put yourself in a better place with your farmhouse backyard ideas.

Don’t forget that you want to look at the main entrance neighborhood entrance landscaping to help provide yourself with the opportunity to get the landscaping setup you require for the space you have available. The entrance is one of the most important parts of your yard, so you should work diligently on this right from the start. You can do many things to change your yard’s landscaping, but you should be sure you are looking at the entrance first.

Compact landscapes and large landscapes are sometimes both modified in different ways. Some people have yards that are neither small nor large. They can slightly adjust the landscape design plans that are frequently applied to both big and small yards. A medium-sized yard will also sometimes be made to look bigger. After working with a tree trimming service, the trees might seem narrower. Plants below the trees will get more sunlight. You may have some more usable yard space at that point.

During almost any introduction to landscaping, they’ll show you ways to use certain land features successfully. You’d have to plant plenty of trees to get a lovely rustic wooded landscape if you don’t already have them. If the trees are already there, forest backyard landscaping ideas might be easy. The trees may be one of the most noticeable parts of the yard. It’s still possible to make the emptier parts of the area look striking.

If your landscape isn’t large, it might be relatively easy for you to change it completely. It sometimes isn’t cost-effective to try to rework a bigger yard in the same way. Either way, looking at landscaping sales might help people reduce their expenses.

Many landscaping companies have a lawn care employee handbook that tells them about many of the tasks that they need to do to take care of lawns. Many landscaping companies have an arborist who takes care of the trees of customers. Taking care of a lawn is important, and lawn companies do this well so that you don’t have to. Once your lawn is under control, you may want to add more landscaping to the yard.

Many people have a getaway near a lake that’s fun to have when the weather is warm. You can get some great lake house landscaping ideas from your landscaping company as well as online. When you go to sites like Pinterest, there are thousands of great ideas for your lake home. They also have ideas for mountainscape landscaping that can help if your home is in a mountainous area.

New England landscape ideas are also fun to look at if you have a home there. There are a lot of things that you have to keep in mind when landscaping this area, including the bitterly cold temperatures of winter. A landscaping company will know what can be planted there so that the plants will thrive.

Landscaping is different for each individual because everyone has different tastes. This means that different people will also prefer to do things in various ways, and so it’s important for you to find the methods that suit you best. For instance, you may favor organic lawn care over other methods and prefer to use a certain collection of backyard materials to keep your landscape looking amazing.

To this end, you may want to look for inspiration online by searching for backyard modern landscaping ideas. You could also search for something like “backyard natural landscaping ideas” or “backyard patio landscape” in order to get some inspiration.

Once you know the path that you need to take, it will be easier for you to get your landscape looking the way you want it to look. Remember that while there are a few things that you can do yourself, there are others that you’ll need to seek the help of a professional for. This knowledge can help you avoid making costly mistakes while attempting a project that’s beyond you. Some of the sensitive landscaping projects include things to do with plumbing and electricity, which you need to leave to the experts.

Landscaping is not easy, but it’s something that lots of people will understand on at least some level. People might look at amazing front yards and get inspired immediately. Other people will talk to individuals from local tree services, and they might decide to try something different with the land that they do have. There are choices for along house landscaping, which may or may not involve trees.

Some amazing home gardens will be planted in the backyard. It’s still possible to add gardens to the front yard or the side of the house, even though people tend to associate them with the backyard in many cases. People sometimes use flower gardens when they want to decorate the front yard of their house. Still, gardens full of fruits or vegetables can look nice as well. People shouldn’t assume that there is only one way to make a garden look like it’s really ornate. There are all around the house landscaping options that’ll help people make an area look unique. Some people might try to do things that are less common in landscaping in general, but following the trends and modifying them slightly is a popular choice.

The art of landscaping involves enhancing the beauty of a garden or a plot of land by introducing new plants or reshaping existing ones. Let’s say you already have a home or are looking to buy one. In that situation, you are probably considering incorporating a beautiful landscape in your backyard to ensure your property is attractive and designated for certain outdoor activities.

The key to establishing an outdoor hideaway is an attractive landscape and design, whether you have a small courtyard in the city or a massive estate in the countryside. You can start by consulting two or three local landscape architects and discussing your project’s goals while enquiring about their design process. It would be best if you understood the landscape’s goal before beginning landscaping since each function is distinct and precisely tailored to serve that purpose.

Hiring a professional landscape designer will help you understand the essential factors of landscape designs and how you can achieve a beautiful yard landscaping result. The designer will also advise you regarding the resources and materials, such as a decorative rock for your backyard. However, it is crucial to remember that landscapes need particular attention and time, especially those in constrained areas like a 1-acre landscape design.

Updated 9/21/2022

Backyards are great places to relax after a hard week at work. However, they can become cluttered and messy if not maintained properly. Whether you have a small or big backyard, here are some ideas to help keep your backyard fresh and organized year-round.

It is important to note that landscapes, especially those in smaller spaces, require specialized care and time. Some homeowners hire stump removal services to work on their yards. Others use DIY methods to make their backyard look great. To create beautiful yard landscaping, you’ll first have to determine what plants would work best in your environment. For example, you can plant vines, flowers, and grass. After that, you will need to consider lighting, soil conditions, water supply, drainage, and irrigation.

You don’t want to neglect the backyard design and landscaping details, particularly for watering and fertilizing your plants. These details add sophistication to the overall look of your beautiful lawn and landscape. If you want to turn your backyard into a wonderful place to spend time with friends and family, plan and keep these features in mind when designing your landscape.

To achieve your desired custom backyard landscaping, you can seek advice from friends, family, and nearby nurseries. You can also interview two or three landscape architects in your area. Discuss your vision for the project and inquire about their design process. An elegant landscape and design is the secret to creating an outdoor retreat, whether you have a modest courtyard in the city or a vast estate in the countryside.

The foundational element of any garden is a lawn, an area where the grass is planted as a lush carpet for a landscape. Any landscape design must include appropriate lawn care. In addition to complementing the design of the living room, a good design and layout of lawns and gardens provide a suitable backdrop for a tree or shrub, as well as for vibrant beds and borders.

Backyard materials for landscaping include living plants such as trees, vines, shrub ground cover, flowers, and grasses. Using a chainsaw, sledgehammer, and wedges is a manual removal technique that is most successful for most tree stumps. However, it is always advised to hire an experienced professional for stump removal.

There exists a significant relationship between mental well-being and green spaces. Green spaces have a calming effect. Also, research shows that people who plant trees and take care of them tend to live longer than those who don’t. Many assisted living homes and rehabilitation homes have beautiful landscapes in the compound. Suppose you are thinking of landscaping your property; there are many online references you can check. To get an elegant landscape and design, you will need to have a keen eye for smart features and aesthetics.

Many property owners prefer landscaping the backyard, thus leaving the front part for a car garage and parking of cars. The backyard materials can be stones, plants, or artificial aesthetics. Suppose you want your backyard to stand out; you may consider hiring an expert. Professional help will help you get the best custom backyard landscaping deals. Moreover, the design and layout of lawns and gardens must be regarded before the work begins. You may think that a specific design will suit your space but implementing it becomes impossible.

It is imperative to be as realistic as possible during the landscaping process. Remember, you are on a budget, and there is no need to overstretch your pockets and get into bad debt.

Updated 5/9/22.

If you have heard that elegant landscape and design can make a significant impact on your property, you have heard it right! Our houses might be well furnished and avail all recreational fun spaces, but the need to go outdoors and refresh is inevitable. Nothing perhaps can replace the joy of walking on the wet grass or the soulful sound of chirping birds in those flower bushes. This is where homeowners usually hire garden designers and landscapers. These professionals can accurately read a variety of parameters like climate, soil type, terrain, and drainage and match that with your preferences and requirements.

If you are planning on custom backyard landscaping and wish to do it yourself, there are plenty of guides you can refer to even online to help you with the designing. Primarily, you should be aware of your requirements and likings. Post that you can get in touch with local tree companies, nurseries, and suppliers of backyard materials to gain valuable insights from them as well. Landscaping further takes into account not only the aesthetical component but scientific features of plant combinations and soil nutrient availability. Therefore, you need to be aware of how well your lawn can support a certain variety and also the sun conditions. If you wish to learn more about the same, follow our tips and advice below.

Landscaping is the art of making a garden or a piece of land more attractive by adding plants or shaping the existing ones. Suppose you own a home or you are planning to get one. In that case, you probably think of backyard landscaping to ensure your compound is appealing and set aside for particular activities done outdoors around your home. To attain your goal, hire backyard landscape designers who would assist you in understanding your terrain. The designer would also advise you on the type of backyard materials you should use. You should seek the best landscaper to get an elegant landscape and design.

In any project, several aspects should be well thought out. Before landscaping, you should know the purpose of the landscape. Some of what may be intended are entertainment, swimming, playing, and cooking. Each purpose differs from the rest, and it is designed uniquely to fit its purpose. Soil type and the area climate should be another consideration. The soil and climate present should support the type of plant or shrubs you may want to use. This will prevent you from disappointment out of plants withering. Consider maintenance costs to ensure you can cater to the cost and maintain the elegancy. To get an expert who offers complete landscaping near me would assure you of the best results.

When you have a home on your land, you may want to make that land look as good as it can. Doing so can raise your house in value and provide better curb appeal.

To get the best design possible for your space, you can hire a home landscape designer to create a custom design for your home. A hardscaping company can also help with landscaping.

Many hardscaping companies have designers on staff to get that individual design.

For house front yard ideas, you can go to highly visual sites like Instagram and Pinterest. They will have thousands of landscaping pictures that you can look through to get a few ideas of your own.

If you don’t know how to design a landscape garden, you can start by making a list of plants you like and want to take care of. Then, you can learn how to design a yard landscape from online resources, or you can just sketch out a rough estimate of what you would like and where.

Be sure to pick plants of various sizes. It’s also helpful to make the plants of your choice that are native to your area.

The best landscape designers have a significant impact on the way a home looks. The quality of the landscape will be determined by the designer’s skill, creativity, and knowledge. There are many things to consider when it comes to landscaping my house. Whether you need a simple landscape design or something more complex, you can find a landscape designer online through various websites and landscaping articles. You should also think about your budget and your goals for your property when starting your search for landscaping recommendations to get the best results possible.

Landscaping can include plants and other features designed to improve the site’s aesthetic appearance. The most important aspect of landscaping is designing, including analyzing what plants will work best with the weather conditions, soil type, and style you want your landscaping to have.

The landscaping industry has been a multi-billion dollar industry growing for decades. The market has been expanding as people want their yards to look well-manicured and their homes in harmony with their natural surroundings. Landscapers and gardeners near me are in high demand these days, but it’s easy to find a reliable one when you need one urgently. Several companies out there offer landscaping services, but not all of them have the experience or expertise required for your job.

Are you searching for local tree removers who can assist you with preparing your yard for your upcoming landscaping project? Are you looking for plant and garden experts who can help your figure out how to landscape your backyard? Do you have questions about specific aspects of your landscape plans or have concerns about the process in general? All of your yard and garden-related questions can be answered by the skilled and experienced team at your local yard and garden center.

These professionals can help you get the most out of your yard and garden area and can show you how to design a landscape garden that will fit your needs as well as your lifestyle. They can also help you decide what plans and grasses are best for your yard and how to design landscape for backyard and front yard spaces with ease. So, if you need gardening, lawn care, or landscaping help, then visit your local garden center and ask for help, so you will know ‘how to design my landscape.’ Don’t put it off. Call or visit today to get started!

While a basic fence install project may be fine for a DIY project if you are looking for something more involved or have a large-scale project in mind, then working with a professional fence company is your best bet. Whether you are looking for basic chain fence installation or are curious about other materials and styles that may be available, these local pros can lend a helping hand.

There are many local companies and cheap fence contractors that are ready and able to assist you with any fence-related project or needs you may have. Getting the best materials, the best design, and the best service is critical to protecting your property and increasing its value on the market. A high-quality fence can do all of this and more.

Start your search by looking at local business listings to find a local company or contractor to call. With an online search for ‘where can I find cheap fence installers near me’ you can get a good list to start working through for your local fence experts. And if you have any smart devices in the home, you can use these to search for ‘cheap fence repair near me.’ However you go about it, the important thing is to get professional help from the start!

Landscaping and lawn care are usually pretty broad topics, especially when you reach into the realm of landscape design. But while large and small yards are often the topic of article after article, where do the mid-size yards fit in? As it turns out, many of the topics covered in those large and small-yard articles can apply to medium size backyards as well, with at most a little tweaking.

A backyard of any size is often a space to play and DIY — the more colorful sibling of the more serious and business-like front yard. This means you have a lot more freedom in what your design elements can be. If you’re stuck on what exactly you’d like to do, then a landscape designer can be the perfect guide to help you through the process of figuring out the best way to use your available space. With a medium size yard, you can’t go too big with your idea, but you’ve got a lot of space to play with as well.

The most important thing to remember is to fit your design to the space you have, not the space you want. With a mid-size yard, you have the option of segmenting it into smaller sections or leaving the entire yard as one cohesive design. Whatever way you decide to go, it’s best to remember that the space should be both beautiful and functional in the end. Too many elements and it will feel cluttered — too few, and it may look unfinished. Try to find the sweet spot between designing your space and simply letting the space be what it is.

From paths to gardens, here are a few medium size backyard landscaping ideas for you to try out this summer.

Invest in Tree Trimming

Medium size backyard landscaping ideas come in all shapes and sizes. It may seem elementary, but even something as simple as trimming back unruly trees can totally transform the look and feel of your yard. Tree trimming can also help strengthen trees you want to keep for your design and help improve their growth when done correctly. Trimming trees should really be your first step when trying to envision a design for the space, whether you’re working with a professional or flying solo.

If you’re not up to tackling the job yourself or would feel safer handing it over to a professional, contact a local arborist (otherwise known as a tree surgeon) or general lawn maintenance company, so you can be sure the job is done right. That way, you can be sure you have a few strong, healthy trees to build your design around.

Regardless of your design aesthetics, good lawn care is always in-season. Make sure you look after your plant life, trees, and grass on a regular basis to help keep your lawn looking lush and beautiful.

Build a Small Garden

A garden is always a good addition to any backyard space. Flower gardens add a pop of color to the space and give the eye a focal point, while vegetable gardens may be less aesthetically appealing, but can provide you and your family with healthy, in-season food for at least most of the year, depending on your climate. It also creates a great space for decompression and reflecting on your life, as well as a place where the whole family can get together on a project that benefits everyone.

This one might seem a little familiar when it comes to medium size backyard landscaping ideas, but there’s a reason for that — it’s a great, beautiful, and functional space-filler that helps bring people together. Even if you don’t think gardening is ‘your thing’, it never hurts to try out something new, especially something with as many mental and physical health benefits as gardening.

Gardening is a low-impact activity, making it suitable for a wide range of people, and it can be just as useful to a solitary person as it can to a large group. Spending time in a garden alone can help you reflect on your day and put things into perspective while sharing that space with your family can often help energize you.

Rock Out

Decorative landscape rocks are a great choice for medium size backyards. Many medium size backyard landscaping ideas include them as a matter of course because they’re so useful for visually breaking up a space and filling out a design. Not only are the larger rocks an interesting feature on their own, but they can be used to assist drainage and/or to help hide essential equipment as well.

But large rocks aren’t the only option either — making a statement with smaller, colorful landscaping rocks is a perfectly valid way of designing a space as well. You can place colored mid-size rocks around your garden as plant markers, use them to line paths, or even use them to fill flower beds. The options here are really only limited by your imagination.

Rocks are also a great addition to designs that don’t focus on grass as much. Creating a rock garden can be a calming experience and the overall effect is very nice as well. More sculpted rocks can help give a space a cleaner, more modern vibe, while raw stone leans more rustic and gritty. You can really change your whole design with just a few simple stones.

Good Fences

Good fencing is a great investment for any yard. Not only does it add to the aesthetic appeal of the space, but it also adds privacy and safety when installed correctly. Many medium size backyard landscaping ideas really benefit from including the fencing as part of the overall design rather than just thinking of it as the box they have to work within.

That said, constraining things does have its advantages. Fencing out the space beforehand can help you see what you actually have to work well and help keep you from over-designing the space. Under-designing is easy to fix, but it’s not as easy to pull designs back once they start to get away from you. Knowing your space well before you start can save you a lot of hassle and headaches down the line.

Decorative fencing can also be used inside your yard to help divide spaces without taking away from the overall design. Use it to cordon off a specific area for a garden or a patio and see what that does for the space. This is one design element that you can pretty easily play around with as you go and see where it fits the best. All it will cost you is the initial price and the labor to move the pieces.

Functional Spaces

Since we’re not as constrained as we would be in a smaller yard, you should feel free to add some functional areas to your overall landscape. A lot of medium sizes backyard landscaping ideas take care to break up spaces for use, but carefully so that you leave the whole picture intact while making the areas visually distinct from one another. This may take some planning, but the overall effect will be well worth it in the end.

Many designs commonly have some kind of play area if you have small children, a space to sit and read, a garden area, as well as a place for outdoor cooking (so this is a great way to add that new BBQ grill into your design). Other common additions are meditation spaces and water features.

Designs that create a patchwork of spaces like this often require more upfront planning as opposed to just ‘going with the flow’ of the space, but in the end, this sort of approach can really help you maximize the usable outdoor space you have. This is especially useful for large families, families with small children who like to explore, and people with a lot of outdoor hobbies that don’t take up much real estate.


Netting is a cool and simple way to help divide space without taking up hardly any of it, as well as serving as mosquito control during those hot summer evenings. The nets help create a somewhat rustic, camping vibe, which would be great to pull through the entire space if that matches your aesthetic well. The nets also help create a cozy feeling at night, especially if you have specialized lighting such as fairy lights to help illuminate them.

Netting is also a good way to help children who are afraid of insects experience the outdoors. While the netblocks bugs, it lets in sunlight and cool breezes, making for a nice, ‘safe’ experience.

Medium-size backyard landscaping ideas don’t need to be overly complicated. While big flashy designs are fun to play with and some are nice in theory, sometimes the best solution to a problem is as simple as a mosquito net and some fairy lights.

Perimeter Work

Framing out the fence line and the area just off of your home while leaving the middle section of the lawn untouched is also a great option, especially if you have pets or younger children who love to play in the grass. Working just along the fence line also forces you to imagine the space differently, which may help get you unstuck from a specific design layout you had in your head before. This will help free you up to think differently about other choices that arise during the design process and is likely to leave you something you love but were entirely not expecting when you started out.

If you find yourself leaning toward this option, then investing in lawn spraying is probably a good next step. Placing design elements like seating and flowerbeds only around the outskirts of the lawn creates a kind of stage effect, making the grass the focal point, so good lawn care is very important with this option.

Create a Path (or Two)

Paths are a brilliant and useful addition to any number of medium size backyard landscaping ideas. Not only are they a great way to divide the space into sections you can work with individuals, but they’re also a great way to add pops of color and other design elements that you can’t work in anywhere else. Stone pavers are generally used to help mark out paths in lawns, but you can also use more colorful and visually interesting options, like outdoor tile or gravel. It all comes down to the effect you want to create.

This is also a good time to mention that investing in driveway cleaning and related cleaning services is a great way to help keep your yards looking as great as the day they were done, especially if you have pathways that can fade or become overly dirty over time.

So, did any of those suggestions spark a flurry of imagination? Medium size backyard landscaping ideas are everywhere if you know how to look for them. The trick with medium-sized spaces is really to design for the space you’re in, not the space you think you’re in. An oversized design won’t serve the space any more than an undersized one.

Backyards are usually a little freer in terms of what we’re socially allowed to do with them, so by all means, design! Play with textures, colors, and patterns if you want to. The only real limits here are your square footage, your budget, and your imagination. If you’re finding yourself stuck, then hiring a professional landscape designer may be your best option. They have thousands of hours of experience in doing exactly what you want to do, so having them in your corner can be a great help.

Medium size backyard landscaping ideas don’t need to be bland just because they’re mid-size. So get out there and explore your options!

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